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Happy at work survey: The Celpax device

  • Employees give anonymous feedback leaving work.
  • The lights show the team’s daily results after pressing, for transparency.
  • Measure, Talk, Improve. Repeat!

Agile workplace improvement made easy

  • Most leaders install themselves in 3-10 minutes. Just press it on the wall and you’re ready. No need to involve your IT-dept (yes, for real).
  • And hey, our software filter detects if someone presses twice.

Happy sad machine to measure employee morale real time

“Our employee appraisals used to be complex conversations”

“It’s the conversations as much as the smiley buttons. Our employee appraisals used to be complex conversations”

Steve Brennan, CEO, Bespoke



Measure employee morale like Singa in Holland

  • Customize it! Use your company image and branding.
  • Use any language you want for the question “How was your day?”.

Sad or happy smiley to indicate how employees feel at work

A simple happy at work survey – Baseline Measurement

How will you know that the changes you make – to fix the problems at your workplace – are effective?

Unless you know how big the problem was before it started it will be tricky.

You need a baseline measurement.

  • Let’s say that you’ve used our recommended techniques to identify challenges at work.
  • The Celpax gives you a baseline of how your employees feel at work (“75% press green on a normal day”).
  • You can easily see changes over time so you’ll know whether or not your intervention is working.

Did the free break room coffee machine bring up the Employee Mood KPI?

Is the mood higher on the days you organize social activities? Or All-Hands meetings?

Let our happy at work survey show the way and get an index of job satisfaction.



Agile HR transformation

“When our Employee Mood KPI dropped 30 points, we realized we had to take action”

Frida Mangen, Agile HR, DEK




The fun part is to act on employee surveys!


Steps to improve staff morale simplicity

Employee morale


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