A fun way to tap into your employee mood

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How’s the employee mood at work?

A fun employee mood survey

People usually think of too many questions and slow feedback loops when it comes to how to tap into employee mood.

Is there a fun survey to take to keep a constant pulse on your organization’s mood?

How was your day?

Celpax is a device that hangs at the exit door and simply asks all employees: How was your day?

Coworkers respond by pressing the green or the red button. It also shows how your team’s mood was today but only after you press (curiosity killed the cat!).


Is the Employee Mood KPI higher in Dallas than in London?

Employee mood

You can check your employee mood level online whenever you want.

For exampl: On a normal workday 71% of your employees at your Dallas facility press the green button.

Hence, the Employee Mood KPI is 71% (average of all the green and red feedback in the last 30 days).

When you compare, it might surprise you that London’s KPI is 86% green.

Using your employee mood as a baseline means you can immediately see the impact when you communicate important news or after your staff meeting.

Are your actions working? Validate it with data!

For example, on the day a popular senior manager told his colleagues that he was leaving, the Swedish employee morale plummeted to 0 % green… 100% red pulses! He actually withdrew his resignation and is still with the company 5 years later.

Apart from the dashboard you can access anytime, we send weekly emails with your key employee engagement insights and alerts.

Dashboard employee mood

Spot trends – Are things getting better or worse?

A continuous employee feedback system doesn’t necessarily replace the annual employee survey, we probably see more companies complementing one thing with another.

However, the advantage of getting real-time data for your employee mood is that you can easily see if things are getting better or worse.

It’s an early warning system to catch potential problems when they’re still small.

When there’s a lot of red = you need to talk more with your people.

A simple and fun survey

Our simple approach makes it easy and anonymous to participate.

We’ve been doing this 2012. We think the fact that there’s no sign in, or password, to let the company know how you feel at work is what helps companies getting hundreds of pulses every day, week and month.

An easy way to add a bit of fun at work!

Even after let’s say 12 months of deployment, a factory with 100 people can get well over 700 pulses a month. All this data is the foundation of your employee mood trend. More info about participation rates here.

We also see the full scale of companies with levels around 10% green and others where 99% of the employees press green – every day.

We are impressed.

Measure. Talk. Improve. Repeat!

Team leaders and HR can get a pulse on the health of your business by focusing on a people KPI. Show employees that you care about getting everyone into the same boat. Make the boat go faster!

Measuring is the first step to improve.

With real-time insights, you get actionable data. Since the question is repeated every day, you’ll get a baseline of your employee mood.

So if your baseline is that 71% of people press green on a normal day, what happened on the day when you got 90% green? Or 40%.

You can schedule meetings for when your staff morale level is peaking (people will be more open to new ideas or projects).

You can find out if you’re out of the crisis. You can compare production levels with your employee mood like Unilever. Or get an indication of how your London shop floor reacted on their first day with the new site manager.

Talk and act continuously.

Our data show that (meaningful) face-to-face conversations are the fastest way to improve what needs to be fixed in your work culture.

The methodology is to Measure, Talk, Improve. And then repeat :)

So what activities do you organize to boost morale at work? How do you choose them?

How do you know what impact they have, and if they are worth continue doing? With one mood barometer question you can find out.

Tangible data for your board meetings

A lot of managers already know when something is ‘up’ in the organization.

Most managers also know that revenues and profits are closely linked to the employee mood, yet they don’t measure it.

The Celpax devices give you tangible data for your face-to-face interactions and management and board meetings.

Your employees deserve better than to just be discussed over a coffee (I bet you would analyze your sales KPI in the board room ;).

PD. Wondering what happens if someone presses twice? We detect it. FAQs here.

Employee pulse check Turkey

Would your employees press green or red as you continuously improve your workplace? Find out with our fun survey.


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We help leaders boost staff morale. We use simple tech tools to help them get there. And build a better society while at it! Make employee engagement funny with our employee mood survey device. Say aloha on twitter?

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