1100 Days of Real Time Employee Mood

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Current mood: Green – Congrats Zerorez!


Some new customers ask us whether the Celpax initiative will die out after a few months.

One of our favorite companies is having a special day today as they’re celebrating 1100 days of collecting employee mood.

Congrats Zerorez Minnesota!

The cycle of Measure, Talk, Improve, Repeat, is what keep things running:

3 years of daily employee mood insights

That’s 3 years of consistently listening in to how their colleagues press at the end of their work shift.

Green or red – How was your day?

Employees are then encouraged to talk about what makes them press green, and how they think the red can best be fixed in their call center, on the field, with customers, etc.


Maria Martini, Assistant Call Center Manager and Alex Bialke, Commercial Route Manager at Zerorez Minnesota with their DailyPulse


When their leadership team reviews the weekly Balanced Scorecard, the Employee Mood KPI is one the items they analyze.

“I liked the simplicity of just pressing green or red, I didn’t want a 20-question survey no one would ever fill out”, said Scott Oremland as they installed.

“It has become easier to have discussions at leadership meetings, I can say here’s the deal. Last week we had more red pulses than in the last 3 months. It’s real! We are literally hearing it and seeing it on the Celpax device.”

Read more about how Zerorez work with the Celpax here:


Work hard, have fun and commitment to WOW! are some of the core values their team has in common:


Wanna join Zerorez and get a Celpax to continuously improve your work culture? 

Improve employee morale with a celpaxDashboard employee mood

Smiley feedback terminal Celpax


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