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How do I get anonymous feedback from employees?

An anonymous employee feedback tool   How do I get anonymous feedback from employees?   When things aren’t going great at work, it easily makes your workdays grey. But not just as a leader, the same goes for your employees. A lot of managers struggle with deciding on what steps to take to change. What […]

Why it is important to lead ourselves first before we try to lead others

Self-Leadership   It’s easy to lose sight of your direction when you focus on the grind of the day-to-day and get smoked out from the fires that you are fighting. Steve M. Beauchamp looks at the importance of self-leadership and how to stay focused and motivated when the journey seems long and the goal uncertain.   […]

Best gift ideas for night shift workers

19 Gifts for Night Shift Workers   The great resignation is here, and it’s harder than ever to keep skilled workers and find new talent. Let’s focus on gifts for your 3rd-shift employees and improve employee retention! Our team put together a list of the best budget and mid-range presents. Here’s a list of 19 gifts for night […]

Wanna improve your huddle meetings?

Daily Huddle Meetings   Wanna improve your huddle meetings? Our daily mood data shows that huddles are a great way to encourage daily conversations around improvements, and actions. But I’m not here to convince you that you should hold these meetings, or why. You’re probably already a believer as you see the benefit of aligning your […]

Joy in Medicine Program

  Joy In Medicine: How To Track Progress     The Joy in Medicine Recognition Health System Program is increasingly popular. Is there an easy way to track your progress?   The  Joy in Medicine program is designed to improve physician satisfaction and reduce burnout. The goal is to spark positive change. To guide health care […]