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8 Practical employee engagement tips (on-premise staff)

Looking for Employee Engagement ideas during COVID? Today we’ll focus on those who can’t work from home during COVID.    Let’s look at ideas for Employee Engagement during Covid for factories, hospitals, logistic workers… When it comes to practical ideas for Employee Engagement, we showed corporate philanthropy examples that keep morale high. We also gave tips from users who nailed how to engage remote employees during […]

The old way of dealing with nurse burnout

Today we’re talking nurse burnout:   COVID Nurse Burnout   Etti Rosenberg is a nurse and head of the policy and planning department at Clalit Health, the largest health organization in Israel. They currently employ 13,000 nurses in 14 hospitals and 2500 community clinics. Here are Etti’s words related to nurse burnout, as the vaccine effect is spreading in Isreal: meaning […]

Dialogue as a Driving Force to Improve Any Work Environment

Open Dialogue In the Workplace At work, our processes often become systematic and automatic to gain efficiency. Because we want efficient teams, right? Being faster and more efficient at solving tasks often puts dialogue in the background, and it’s easy to lose sight of the important things at work. In order to do the job […]

5 Tips to Reduce Workplace Health and Safety Risks

Today we’re talking health and safety risks:   How To Reduce Workplace Health and Safety Risks   In 2019-2020, according to the Health and Safety Executive, (HSE), there were 111 fatal accidents that occurred on the job in the UK. Beyond that, there were 693,000 non-fatal injuries that occurred whilst on the clock, according to […]

Manufacturing Podcast featuring Celpax

Manufacturing Podcast   The popular Manufacturing Wellness Podcast is hosted by Laura Timbrook.   If you’re in manufacturing and into podcasts on leadership, you’ve probably heard of this show already. Laura’s podcast is famous for highlighting health and wellness initiatives within the manufacturing industry. The main goal of the show is to inspire leaders to improve employee wellbeing […]

Active Listening – A short cut to Improve Your Workplace Environment

What is active listening in the workplace?   What is the difference between managers who get great results and those who don’t? The first knows how to listen.   Look around you. In a work environment, situations are constantly occurring that provide you with feedback on what is happening around you. Hundreds of emails pass through […]

6 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas: Spread a smile at work!

Simple Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Employee Appreciation Day is here! Spreading some smiles at work doesn’t have to involve big budgets or massive planning. Our employee appreciation day ideas can be implemented at the very last minute. The tips range from free, to a limited amount of cash being spent. Here we go!   1. Post-it notes […]

12 steps to join the #JerusalemaChallenge!

  How To Prepare a #JerusalemaChallenge   When was the last time your team had a good laugh at work?   The Jerusalema Challenge, or #jerusalemadancechallenge, keeps taking the world with a storm. As the Coronavirus keeps making all our lives harder than we would like, these fun dance videos from workplaces worldwide, are a real […]