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6 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas: Spread a smile at work!

Simple Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Employee Appreciation Day is here! Spreading some smiles at work doesn’t have to involve big budgets or massive planning. Our employee appreciation day ideas can be implemented at the very last minute. The tips range from free, to a limited amount of cash being spent. Here we go!   1. Post-it notes […]

12 steps to join the #JerusalemaChallenge!

  How To Prepare a #JerusalemaChallenge   When was the last time your team had a good laugh at work?   The Jerusalema Challenge, or #jerusalemadancechallenge, keeps taking the world with a storm. As the Coronavirus keeps making all our lives harder than we would like, these fun dance videos from workplaces worldwide, are a real […]

11 practical ideas for your Employee Wellbeing Month

An Employee Wellbeing Month is a great initiative. Here’s some inspiration!   Employee Wellbeing Month: 11 Easy Ideas   Wanna promote wellbeing during COVID? There are tons of fun events you can organize to promote healthy habits and behaviours among your employees. Here are 11 quick ideas for your Employee Wellbeing Month!   1. Free Fruit in […]

Get ongoing employee feedback with a kiosk survey

Survey kiosks for employees are gaining popularity:   Survey Kiosks to get Employee Feedback   Are you trying to validate progress towards a high-performance company? Here’s a survey kiosk with emojis. Get real-time data!   Why do companies teams want to capture employee feedback? Well, in order to improve of course. Creating a better workplace […]

Monthly themes for leaders in manufacturing [Roadmap 2021]

Leaders in manufacturing:   A Roadmap to Engage Your Team To help leaders in manufacturing, we put together a calendar! What type of manufacturing leader would you like to be in 2021? Similarly, what kind of team would you like to have? Don’t just dream it. Plan it.   New year, new beginnings! 2020 has been challenging for leaders in manufacturing. […]

What is the international day of happiness? How can you make your employees happier?

5 International Day of Happiness Ideas At Work The United Nations declared March 20th the International Day of Happiness. The aim is to create a happier world for people everywhere. Most adults worldwide spend more time (awake!) at work than anywhere else. So if you’re unhappy at work, you’re unhappy for a huge portion of your day. […]