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Smileys to measure employee morale real time

The Celpax – A device to measure employee morale

1. Employees press the green OR red smiley feedback button

2. Online dashboard shows the pulse survey results

3. Talk about the green or red, discover how to improve employee morale :)

Measure. Talk. Improve.


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Employee morale survey results

Online dashboard for employee analytics

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Are you getting more green over time? Or more red? Your employees’ morale may need a boost.

What affects job satisfaction at your workplace? 


Continuous improvement trends


Discover How to Improve Employee Morale

Our employee mood data shows that some workplaces know how to improve employee satisfaction faster than others.

What do they do differently?

They regularly sit down to have conversations about how people feel at work. They quickly discover what causes low employee morale.

So we recommend you do exactly that:


Conversations employee morale results to take action

Many managers use pulse surveys as an alibi for not having conversations with employees.

Perhaps they are worried about conflicts, or awkward dialogues.

With neutral employee morale data as a basis, we’ll give you tips to get more team managers to have honest, authentic conversations about what matters at work.

Employee Morale survey


  • Continuous workplace improvement

When you measure employee morale you get a trend line of your Mood KPI (“70% press green on a normal day”). You can then track if the actions you take are having an effect: are you getting greener days?


  • Meaningful Conversations

What makes us press the green button in our team? “Employees come to tell me why they’re having red days!” You’ll get a tangible number when talking to employees and in the board room. What causes low employee morale?


  • Alerts

Check the impact of All-Hands meetings, important communications…  Managers get early warning signals when employee morale drops so they can act, and HR will know when it’s urgent for them to talk to your people.


  • Everybody’s job

Who is responsible for team morale? For the People KPI? A great workplace is everybody’s job! Build your employee pulse survey around inclusion. We’ll help you with organizational changes examples.

Employee morale



How do other leaders use our pulse survey?


“We typically have 72% green. One day we got 100% RED when our General Manager announced he was leaving. He later changed his mind and is still with us…”

Measure employee morale


Employee Morale Survey

Employee morale survey – need a hand?

Your first Celpax is free, no time limit. How you launch it, is up to you. Got more time than money? Or more money than time?


1. Do-It-Yourself (DYI)


2. Get our help to improve the workplace morale

Get as little, or as much help as you need leading organizational change. Examples:


pulse survey results

Pulse survey results



What companies use our pulse survey?

We see it all!

employee morale survey

“Instead of a yearly employee morale survey, with the Celpax we continuously try to steer in the right direction”

Eugène Kusse, Unilever

Unilever - Real time employee mood