Mood Monitor: On4u now monitors the mood of their company

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Mood Monitor: The Celpax family grows with On4u

A mood monitor in action:

Today we’re happy to welcome On4u to the ever-growing community of Celpax users.

Together, we share a common goal:  We are all interested in creating better workplaces.


Spanish On4u  is an eCommerce agency specialized in B2C and B2B.

They wanted to monitor the employee mood of their company in order to take action and continuously improve the work climate.

So today they installed a Celpax at their exit door as you can see in the pic above :)

A mood monitor to help you reflect on your workdays

From now on, employees will give daily feedback by simply pressing a green or red smiley on the mood monitor as they head home from the office.

This starts an internal thinking process.

What do I like about work? About what I do? What change would I like to see that would make me press more green?

They can then discover – together as a team – what makes them press green on the mood monitor.

And think of ways to fix the red of course :)

Methodology to improve with the device

The methodology to improve employee engagement with the mood monitor that most of our users apply is Measure, Talk, Improve… Repeat!

On4u’s motto is “True revolutions start with brave committed innovative people.” We agree.

The Celpaxers wish On4u many green workdays ahead!

Celpax device to measure and improve employee mood

Do you like the idea of hanging a Celpax mood monitor at the exit door?

You’ll get continuous insights into how your employees feel at work.

Employee morale can have a significant effect on financial results.

What would happen if more of your people starting thinking, talking and acting in a more positive way at work? Be a better leader, today.


Measure if your leadership actions are working.

Get a survey kiosk.


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

Standard cover

Workplace improvement

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca. HR analytics enthusiast and co-owner at Celpax, a for-profit helping workplaces continuously improve employee morale with our mood monitor. I might appear in our chat, or say aloha on twitter?
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