Celpax, the cool device to measure employee mood, enters Singapore

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Celpax, our device to measure and improve morale at work, is expanding its horizons.

Singapore just clocked in as the 37th country where we have signups.

Office mood check

Sau Loon Tong  is Technical Director and one of the founders of Singapore based Ufinity.

He’s also the guy that installed their physical employee feedback system, DailyPulse, on their wall.

The device hangs next to their exit door, and is a simple way for their employees to send ongoing feedback to the leadership team at Ufinity.

An online dashboard shows long term trends and analyzes impacts of work events.

Here’s why Sau Loon and his team started with Celpax:

“My first feedback is that this is one of the best on-boarding experiences I’ve had for a new product. It is really a completely different experience. The product is extremely easy to install and use.

At Ufinity, we run employee surveys to gather feedback on how we are doing. While these surveys provide detailed and segmented information, it takes time to conduct and cannot be done too often.

Celpax and the DailyPulse terminal seems like a good idea for us because:

  • It is anonymous (similar to our surveys)
  • It provides us with many more data points and much closer to real time
  • It seems fun for the employees to know what the mood of the company is via the LED feedback at the point of pressing”

The Celpaxers would like to wish Ufinity good luck in improving their workplace together with their employees!

Mood check at the exit door for employees in your office

The Chinese words above the exit door ar Ufinity mean “have a safe journey”


We’ll leave you with our last tip, which is some fun activities and ideas for employee engagement.




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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure and create a great work environment. And build a better society while at it! Interested in the future of work and employee wellbeing? Me too! Let’s chat on Twitter.
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