8 benefits to measure employee engagement in real time

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What are the benefits to measure employee engagement in real-time?


Real time Employee engagement measurement tools

As traditional employee surveys are increasingly seen as outdated, more modern employee engagement measurement tools are appearing.

Companies measure sales and financial metrics daily, or at least weekly or monthly.

What are the benefits to measure employee engagement in real-time?

1. Resolve issues before they escalate

With an ongoing pulse check you can find out about problems when they actually occur.

Not 3 months later when employee retention is a problem, or when sales and profits plummet.

When your team managers get real-time employee engagement reports, they’ll know how their people feel today. This is what you need from an operations point of view, to improve in the daily.

The world spins faster than ever.


2. Ask better questions with Employee engagement measurement tools

Ongoing feedback helps leaders ask better questions. A genuine approach and asking good questions helps leaders improve connections and build trust.

When you listen to your people and ask them questions you might make them want to change.

Don’t be afraid to dig deeper to get the whole story.

Our data shows that (truly) listening to employees is essential to increase employee engagement.


3. Get more meaningful conversations

Leaders can use signs of disengagement as a trigger for meaningful conversations.

You’ll enjoy conversations that would probably not happen if you weren’t dedicated to a real-time approach to talent management.

By putting a number on your team’s morale you get an excellent start to a conversation.


Real time employee engagement

4. Share insights to boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement measurement tools that show your workforce trends help you drive your business forward.

Make employees feel valued and appreciated by transparently sharing insights, like the employee mood curve after your All-Staff Meeting.

Involve your employees in driving positive change; a great workplace is everyone’s job.


5. No more isolated snapshots

Traditional employee surveys only provide a snapshot of one given moment in time.

And when coworkers get asked about workplace habits and how they feel at work, will they truly be honest?

Will they feel anonymous with your employee engagement measurement tool?

To further complicate, the snapshot is delivered months after people actually filled in the employee survey, another month passes by when the HR team examines the results, and another month to come up with priorities and hopefully an action plan at some stage…

What happened in your company meanwhile?

And where are you now on the curve? Are people happier after the new reorganization? Or since the new team leader took over after that really unpopular manager left?


6. Know when you need to take action

Thanks to HR alarm systems you can get notified in real-time when something triggers a positive or negative response among your coworkers.

Then all you need is just the courage to face the challenges and the joy to celebrate your wins.

How do people respond to management’s actions?

Social activities at work? Or after an All-Staff meeting?

You can easily measure the impact.


7. Spot trends

With real-time feedback both HR and leaders increase the chances of quickly changing course when morale drops.

This helps leaders really affect engagement in their day-to-day work. It helps both managers and employees to take responsibility for the trend, and to be more responsible for their own engagement at work.

Better employee engagement means higher workplace productivity, better employee retention, and improved customer services.


8. Know if your initiatives are working

Actively monitor employee engagement initiatives to find out if they work and give you a Return on Investment (ROI). Do they boost morale at work?

Repeat things that have a positive effect and get you going in the right direction. Dump others!

What are the benefits of employee engagement surveys and measure employee engagement in real-time?

Raise HR awareness at board meetings by backing up your arguments with numbers, presenting a monthly ROI on HR initiatives:

“The Waffles Fridays cost us 10 euros every week, and we raise our happiness score with 10% every Friday”.

Pulse checker for staff real time

Smiley feedback terminal Celpax


Wanna know how to measure employee engagement using simplicity? Or find out more about employee engagement measurement tools? Or the benefits of an employee engagement pulse survey


Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We help leaders measure employee engagement, real-time. We want more people to wake up in the morning and feel good about going to work. What are the benefits of Employee engagement measurement tools? How is real time employee engagement measured with the Celpax? Let’s talk tools on Twitter.

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