How employee engagement is becoming real-time

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Real time employee engagement

Real time employee engagement – that’s what the kind people over at Recruiting Division recently wrote about.

They had the good taste to include our Celpax device :)

The article brings up how real time employee engagement has become a competitive advantage in recruiting and retention and employer branding building. Here’s a small teaser:

Real time employee engagement

Employers who want to know how to improve employee engagement start with the employee survey.

But today’s employee survey isn’t yesterday’s annual paper questionnaire with 100 questions about the work environment, salary, and boss.

Today’s employee survey uses a range of new technologies that can be deployed on a daily basis for continuous assessment in real time.

Continuous workplace improvement with the Celpax device to measure employee mood

How’s the employee engagement?

Tech tools for employee engagement such as Celpax, emooter, and help employers know the employee mood and satisfaction levels of their workforce or individual work groups daily.

This way they know now when there’s a problem versus three weeks or three months later… when things are out of control and employees have stopped caring or start leaving.

When bosses know their employees are unhappy about something when it’s happening, they can start a conversation to find out how to improve it and head off escalating problems to keep productivity and morale from declining.

This kind of survey gives employers a more targeted approach to improve and monitor employee satisfaction.

You need to keep a finger on the pulse of your workforce, listen to their needs and consider their feelings, and be responsive to what will make them more comfortable, more productive, and happier to come to work at your company every day.

Celpax device to measure and improve employee mood

Head over to Recruiting Division to read further about the benefits of real time employee engagement.

And hey, if you like our device to improve employee engagement in real time, then install a Celpax:


Real time Employee Engagement


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax


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