Engage for Success: Using data to improve employee engagement and retention

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Have you heard of the UK initiative Engage for Success?


Engage for Success: Employee engagement and retention

What are you and your team managers doing to ensure your organisation is an attractive place to work?

Engage for Success is a government-backed movement raising the profile of the importance of employee engagement in the UK and abroad.

In their post, “Using data to improve engagement and retention”, Luke Rees talks about how employees keep job hopping at an alarming pace.

This forces employers to pay more attention to employee retention and employee engagement, making it the second most pressing issue for business leaders (according to Dupress).

So what can today’s business do to ensure their organisation is an attractive place to work?

The Celpax device is mentioned as one of the data-driven solutions to improve employee engagement and retention:


How to Capture Employee Engagement Data

Companies are now investing in data and analytics tools to help them figure out why employees choose to leave.

Retention is a HOT topic right now, particularly in manufacturing.

And to help them discover what they can do about it.

“Software like real time employee engagement surveys – which provide employers with up-to-date analytics on the health of their organisation – and emotion monitoring apps, like Celpax and Emooter, are all great ways for companies to tap into the mood of their workforce”, according to Rees at Engage for Success.

He then goes on to list other types of sources of information and employee data that can be used to gauge employee satisfaction.

Engage for Success also talk about the importance of sharing the results, and adding transparency to make employees feel valued.

The Celpaxers love transparency.

We simply couldn’t agree more :)

Full Engage for Success article here.



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