Imagine you resigned today, would employees press green or red?

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Employee reactions to organizational change

As a manager at times you can feel more – or less – recognition from coworkers and fellow leaders.

It might not always be written on the wall that you’re appreciated at work.

Now, imagine that you one day decide to move on.

You’ve handed in your notice to the board and it’s time to tell your employees that you’re quitting your job.

How would your employees react?

You might get some firm handshakes, we’re-gonna-miss-you-hugs and best of luck wishes, and that’s usually where it ends. gauge employee mood

What if you could see – literally written on the wall – how people react to you leaving the company?

This is what happened to one senior leader in a management team as he announced he would be leaving.

He had been pushing for organizational change for a good while, and didn’t feel he was getting any results.

The company uses a device to measure their employee mood in real-time: employees press the green or red button daily to answer “How was your day?” at the exit door.

On a typical workday 72% percent press the green button. On the day of the announcement the ratio plummeted down to zero. 100% of the employees pressed the RED button. 

So what happened?

The manager actually withdrew his resignation and decided to stay with the company.

Five year down the line, he’s still with them…

Which button would your coworkers press if you resigned today?

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