All staff meeting: I could hardly sit down, yet it was the best I attended

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All staff meeting ideas


Some things at work make me happier than others.

All staff meetings is among my top moments!

I love it when companies get all their colleagues into the same room. All staff employee meetings are a great opportunity to make your company better.

I love it when leaders show employees you are there for them. When they make sure you’re all on the same page. When they choose transparency as a way of communicating.

And when they truly listen to feedback which they may not want to hear, like this Director at DHL creating a high-trust environment.

Today The Times Centre for Learning, our latest Celpax user, launched. They chose their All staff meeting to announce their initiative to measure and improve employee morale.


Seeing Dr Brillian, Head of HR, and his team in India kick off in my favourite way got me remembering some of the All-Staff meetings I have attended over the years.

Sitting together, the All Staff Meeting created a feeling that we WERE a team

One of the best All Hands meetings I went to involved everyone scrambling to get into a lunch room. That room clearly hadn’t been designed for so many people.

But with a couple of extra chairs somehow we all made it in there. And you know what? Sitting there all together, reducing the physical space between all of us also created a feeling of… Togetherness. The feeling that we were really a team.

I can’t for the life of me remember one single phrase or number that was presented at the temployee meeting. But I remember the feeling.

And that feeling is what I see translates into Green-Button-Days.

All staff meeting ideas: From an Employee Mood of 86% green to 55% in just a few weeks

Some companies are more serious than others about creating a really good working environment. So they don’t stop at All Staff Meetings.

They bring the WHOLE company out for all-day events to make sure everyone understands what’s going on, and feels listened to.

In this Swedish case, the company acted when their staff mood dropped heavily from 86% to 55% green in just three weeks:

“We wanted to pick up on all the worries that people were having. Our idea was for everyone to contribute, not just to have the boss talking away. We emphasized that we are all responsible; no one else can solve this for us. We can all influence and come with suggestions for improving”, says Frida Mangen, HR Director at DEK.

Town Hall Meetings with all employees participating


And THAT’S how you bounce back up to 86% green in just a few weeks, like at DEK. Whereas other companies are still stuck at 55% six months later.

How does that translate into productivity and money in your company?

How do you make sure All Staff meetings are fun and meaningful for your people? Share your all staff meeting ideas with us on Linkedin!

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