Boost staff morale at the exit door

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Measure Employee Morale > At the exit door!

A simple way to measure and improve staff morale.

Take small steps to a better workplace and show your employees that you care!

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How simple is it to achieve good staff morale?

Quite simple, based on some of the feedback we got when interviewing leaders at +100 companies a few years back, trying to understand the secret sauce behind employee engagement.

Or as one leader told us “employee engagement is easy. You just make time in your agenda and do little things every day”.

In an ideal world, employee morale…

In an ideal world employee feedback would be fluent and out in the open.

This doesn’t happen in the majority of work cultures today though (I could bore you with the usual Gallup stats of disengaged employees but I won’t).

Many leaders don’t take the opportunity to learn from the sources that could best help improve employee morale – the employees themselves!

Creating a positive work environment is “easy” if you’re open to communication and if you are willing to enable change to happen.

Our contribution at Celpax is to give you a tool that lets you know if your efforts are working.

Is staff morale moving in the right way?

How to measure employee morale

So how can you measure employee morale?

By pressing a red or green button every day, you get a baseline of your employee mood. This visual and fun way to gauge employee morale brings out conversations around what is good – and bad – in your work culture.

We constantly hear stories from leaders that are happy to have found a neutral language to talk about workplace improvement. “What makes us press the red button?”

“It’s a more casual way of being able to open conversations – it quickly became part of our language for our employees”, says the COO at Zerorez, Scott Oremland.

“We are all responsible; no one else can solve this for us. We can all influence and come with suggestions for improving” says Frida Mangen, the HR Manager at DEK Technologies.

No meeting wednesday and the impact on employee morale

How to motivate staff and raise morale

The employee feedback data helps companies work in an agile way to continuously improve.

Or as Per de Bartha from Finax says, “We can catch things daily in a natural way and have small conversations around them”.

What would happen in your workplace if people actually started talking to each other in a neutral way about what needs to be changed?

And then tried fixing these things?


Remember… it feels GREAT to work in a place where people wake up feeling good about going to work :)

And this will be reflected in productivity and end-of-year results in your organization.

Interested in how we measure employee morale? 

Create a better workplace :)

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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, an accidental analytics enthusiast, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. I might appear in our chat, or say aloha on twitter to talk about how to motivate staff and raise morale?
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