Daily Pulse featured on Yahoo Finance as they analyze Unilever’s stock

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Yahoo Finance recently analyzed the HR Management and Employee Motivation at Unilever

Did their stock get a ‘buy’ recommendation? Our Celpax device to increase employee motivation helped swing the vote!

Ways to improve employee morale

So, of course, I love the Yahoo Finance findings, as their recommendation to buy Unilever stock is based on their HR politics… and the only system they specifically mention is our Celpax to measure employee morale, as used in Unilever Kleve.


Unilever - Daily Pulse

Some highligts from the Yahoo Finance article:

From the Unilever analyst report:

“Unilever plc (NYSE: UL) has proved with its effective human resource management strategies that it is one of the most attractive employers in the world.

The company acknowledges that its efficiency depends upon the effectiveness of its employees worldwide; therefore, Unilever attributes high significance to the motivation of its employees.

Apart from the international human resource campaigns, the local subsidiaries of Unilever also carry out activities that are worthy of note.

For example, Unilever Kleve recently installed a device that tracks employee motivation and job satisfaction on a daily basis.”

Staff morale trends weekly monthly nurses

“The employees were asked to input their mood to the device every day before exiting, and this information helped the management identify whether the employees were satisfied or dissatisfied.”

Advantages of Keeping Track of Employee Motivation: Retention

“In this age of highly competitive business environments, the workforce has become increasingly fluid, and it has become a challenge for organizations to retain their valuable employees.

In such a scenario, one of the most effective ways to reduce employee turnover is to ensure that the level of motivation of employees is maintained continuously at a high level.

This results in high job satisfaction and high organizational commitment, which keeps the employees from switching to other organizations.”

Employee engagement metrics real-time

Innovative methods

“Organizations such as Unilever have implemented innovative ways to ensure high employee motivation, and the example of Unilever Kleve is one of those innovative methods.

Unilever - Real time employee mood

Businesses, both small and big, can take a tip from Unilever’s example regarding how using the right tools and strategies get the company better employee satisfaction data.”

Tracking employee satisfaction

Yahoo Finance concludes: “Tracking employee satisfaction and ensuring continuous communication… helps the enterprise management devise impactful HR strategies, no matter the size of the company.”


  • Read the the full story at Yahoo Finance.
  • To read how Unilever Kleve started measuring click here here.
  • Unilever Kleve’s learnings after 7 months of measuring their employee mood are here.

See if Unilever’s approach works for you!

And of course, if you like Unilever’s factory approach as featured on Yahoo Finance then you could try our Celpax device yourself.

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Pulse checker for staff real time

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