The Celpax featured in Bersin by Deloitte report: employee engagement survey vendors

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New Bersin Report featuring employee engagement survey vendors

Bersin by Deloitte’s new report maps out key solutions to measure employee engagement.

The Celpax device was among the solutions identified.

Pulse checker for staff real time

Ever felt lost and confused checking out the various employee survey vendors?

A new report by Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, guides companies around different ways of measuring employee engagement.


Bersin starts out with two simple questions:

Why do you want to measure employee engagement?

And how are you going to use it?

“Many organizations conduct engagement surveys to either diagnose potential problems or to monitor what is going on (why). They often then use the data to either enable changes or enhance productivity (how).

Using why and how as the guidelines, we have identified nine archetypes of engagement assessment solution providers, based on the intended uses of engagement data, what they actually measure, and the related features and services they provide.“

From “Navigating the Market for Measuring Employee Engagement


Based on the organization’s goal, aka the “why” and “how” the data you get is going to be used, Sally-Ann Cooke and David Mallon at Bersin by Deloitte created a map.

Inspired by the London Underground map it helps you navigate towards your goal:


Bersin by Deloitte employee engagement report Celpax

Best Employee engagement survey vendors

  • Engagement Diagnostics Specialists
  • Global Consultancies
  • General Purpose Assessment Platforms
  • Incumbent HR or Business Systems (future)
  • Market Research Specialists
  • Employee Engagement Monitoring Solutions
  • Employee Mood Monitoring Solutions
  • Employee Feedback and Recognition Solutions
  • Work Management Solutions

What do YOU want to achieve by measuring employee engagement?

There are tons of nice solutions and vendors that offer employee engagement measurements.

Which solution would be a good fit for you?

Which would best turn your results into a meaningful and actionable tool that will drive increased production, efficiency and revenue? Could the Celpax device be the right fit for your organization?

This is what the report “Navigating the Market for Measuring Employee Engagement” can help you figure out.

Needless to say, we’re super happy that Bersin by Deloitte chose to include us in their research report!

Bersin Webinar – Measuring Employee Engagement

Webinar employee engagement with Robin EricksonOr join Robin Erickson for the online webinar, “Measuring Employee Engagement: Navigating the Options & Vendors”. (Robin is Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Engagement & Retention at Bersin by Deloitte.)

A good chance to learn about the best employee engagement survey vendors out there. What methodology and provider is best for you?

And if you’re curious about our Celpax device to track and improve the mood of your employees, here’s an intro:

With a daily baseline of how your employees feel, you can apply a continuous improvement methodology. Agile HR: Measure, improve, repeat.

HR Analytics made fun!


Measure if your leadership actions are working.

Get a survey kiosk.


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

Standard cover

Workplace improvement


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