Best Practices for Employee Engagement: Don’t Jump to Conclusions!

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Employee Engagement Best Practices

We copy Employee Engagement Best Practices from our users.

Today’s tip is to uncover what’s really going on.

Don’t just jump to conclusions!

One of the things we keep seeing in our data is that when workplaces are going through changes, whether it’s the possibility of an impending merger or moving offices, employee engagement results can get rocky.

This was the case for Levi, a user from Potash Corp.

The company is currently facing upcoming changes and Levi saw changes in the company’s Celpax results.

Levi noticed that many of the departments were experiencing a decline in their mood KPI.

He suspected it might be have something to do with the uncertainty of the upcoming changes.


He didn’t jump to conclusions just yet.

“What’s important is to see the results and then talk to employees instead of just jumping to conclusions,” Levi points out.

“Have the dialogue about the results and ask employees why they press red or green. It lets them know they are being heard,” he continues.

Employee Engagement best practice


Employee Engagement Best Practices: Listening

It’s easy to get distracted by data and results and immediately try to guess what is going wrong ( or right for that matter!).

But like Levi points out, if you aren’t speaking about the results, you may not be getting accurate answers.

You will be shutting off the line of communication between management and employee that leads to employees feeling less engaged.

“By opening up that dialogue, you uncover what’s really going on instead of just guessing,” says Levi.

Levi found that it was not just the uncertainty surrounding changes affecting mood like he had assumed.

With the changes happening in the company, some employees were seeing their projects being cancelled.

This was affecting employee engagement.

I’m sure that many people can relate to feeling a loss of control and empowerment when projects you feel strongly about are cancelled.



Employee Engagement Best Practices: Conversations

Canadian-based Potash is the world’s largest potash producer.

Levi spoke to employees to reopen the dialogue and ask the right questions.

With the feedback he received on why employees were pressing red or green and in asking them what they wanted and what they could work on together to improve the workplace, Levi found that the ability to work remotely was a priority.

And by sitting down, face to face, he also showed that he, and the company cares about their employees.

After implementing the ability to work from home, he saw a positive correlation in the Celpax results.

In spite of the merger, they managed to trend upwards 19 points!

Their mood KPI increased from 61% green to 80% in just a few months.

Truly inspiring.

Levi and Potash Corp are proof that employee engagement doesn’t have to be complicated, it all comes down to open communication.

Copy some more Employee Engagement Best Practices and start measuring employee engagement with a Celpax! 

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