Increase Productivity with this Lifehack

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Today we’re talking Lifehacks: When you increase productivity, it can help you have green button days.

Increase Productivity with this Lifehack


One of things we hear from employees whose companies have installed the Celpax device is, “I’m happy when I feel productive” or, “I’m happy when I get everything I’ve needed to get done, done”.

Personally, when I increase my productivity and cross off those pesky to-dos on my list, it makes me want to press green.

On the flip side, a happier team can actually help to increase productivity.

HR at user Dallant stated:

“I regularly keep our colleagues updated with our analytic data such as the [Celpax] results so it made sense that my findings weren’t such a surprise to them. But what perhaps surprised us all was just how parallel the curves are: it’s amazing how our efficiency index correlates with our mood KPI.”

In fact, one study states that happy employees are 12% more productive. 

So when work starts piling up, it can cause a few more red button days than we’d like.

It’s hard to get on top of the what seems like an ever-growing pile.

Which is where our two-minute productivity hack comes in!

It will help to increase productivity and hopefully make for greener button days.



Increase Productivity with lifehack


It’s a simple idea.

But keep this in mind next time your to-do list seems to be multiplying; “If it takes two minutes, just do it”.

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I use this lifehack in the day to day for all tasks but also when I’m slammed with mountains of work that need to get done.

It’s a fantastic way to keep those small, details or tasks (like follow up emails or quick replies) from racking up (or if you’re like me, falling off your radar completely).

Doing them then and there will help you keep focused and on task when you are working on larger projects.




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Hey there! I’m Alex, marketing specialist at Celpax and I love  lifechacks and helping to create workplaces people love. We’re a for-profit helping workplaces improve employee morale with simple tech tools.  Be sure to follow Celpax on Twitter, ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn.
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