HR metrics examples: How Vistaprint Launched Their HR Tool

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HR metrics examples: Vistaprint

Many HR metrics examples launch with a bang to their employees. This is exactly what Cimpress (who owns Vistaprint) managed to do when they decided to increase employee happiness.

Companies like Vistaprint who believe in employee happiness…

…usually make sure that the launch of their HR tools is a success.

Hence they dedicate time and effort to make sure all team leaders are onboard.

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Each workplace is unique which means the “best” way to launch the Celpax in each workplace will be a little different. Some workplaces choose to have an All-hands Meeting for all staff to understand what the HR metrics tool is.

Other workplaces will choose to have meetings within teams or departments for a more personal approach.

A company might choose to send an all-staff email or will use our templates and posters to spread the word and announce the HR tech tool launch. And some of our users will even use a combination of these methods.

We recently got in touch with one of our users, Cimpress in Ahmedabad, India, a company that produces customized products like business cards.

Cimpress put together a great Celpax infographic and distributed it to their employees at the manufacturing facilities via email.

We thought it did a great job in explaining what the Celpax device is, how it benefits employees and how it will be used in the company.

So we wanted to share their HR metrics example with others.


HR metrics examples: How can we have happier workdays at Vistaprint?


Companies like Vistaprint who believe in employee happiness

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Congrats go out to Cimpress for putting together an informative and enthusiastic launch.

When it comes to HR tech and HR tools, it can be difficult to get everyone in the company on board.

Having emails or posters like the infographic above can be a way to show the team not just why you’re installing an HR metrics tool but also what the Celpax can mean for them. 

And from a leadership view, it can help you become a good leader.


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Did you use a similar method to launch the Celpax in your workplace?

Or do you have other HR metrics examples of companies like Vistaprint who believe in employee happiness?

We’d love to hear about more HR metrics examples, get in touch!

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HR metrics dashboard example

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