How Corporate Philanthropy boosts Employee Satisfaction during Covid-19

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Corporate Philanthropy Examples: Boosting Employee Satisfaction at Quadpack


The inspiring story of how 1 employee started a Corporate Philanthropy initiative at Quadpack Plastics, which is having a massive impact on employee satisfaction during the Spanish Covid-19 pandemic.


In just 2 weeks, the Spanish Employee Satisfaction Index dropped 6 points


Back in February, we noticed signs of decline in the daily employee satisfaction data our Celpax devices collect.

As the days went by, more of the 60 countries where Celpax devices are installed, followed suit.

Spain was one of the first countries where the employee satisfaction index dropped.

The country has one of the highest death tolls and implemented one of the world’s strictest lockdowns, halting all ‘non-essential’ work.

Since March 25th, our Spanish Celpax Index has plummeted 6 points.

Normally it hardly moves 1 point from year to year!

That’s why we were surprised by the data at a Spanish factory showing a totally different trendline.

Despite the difficult Covid-19 situation, they are maintaining their Employee Satisfaction levels.

They managed to stop the negative trend and even had days with 100% green!

Their data is truly inspiring :)

We were so curious we had to reach out and ask them…

What is it you’re doing?


Silvia Sedano from the Quadpack Group, a Celpax user since 2015, shares their positive experience:


Quadpack Plastics Silvia Sedano


A Spanish Corporate Philanthropy Example


How has Covid-19 affected your business since it started spreading?


The Covid-19 situation changed very quickly in Spain, from one day to the next.

We have been adjusting to regulations as they’re issued by the Government.

In our case, we’re one of the few companies that can continue to operate during the state of alarm, although we don’t have all factory personnel on-site.

From a staff point of view, we issued all the certifications needed for our employees to travel to work.

We implemented all possible safety measures: all personnel wear masks and gloves, all work areas are frequently disinfected and we check everyone’s temperature at the beginning and the end of each shift.

Workspaces were also modified to ensure the recommended distances.

Basically, we are doing everything in our power to guarantee the safety of all our workers.

We are a global manufacturer and provider of packaging solutions for beauty brands. We develop and manufacture standard packaging, as well as customized packages for prestigious clients.

Established in 2003, we have offices and production facilities in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific.

Quadpack Plastics is part of the skin care division, where we do injection molding. We specialize in manufacturing and decorating jars for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


1 employee mobilized the whole company :)


What kind of initiative have you launched to keep spirits high?

We are involved in a Corporate Philanthropy project – we help make protective face shields for healthcare workers.

It all started with 4 friends.

They got talking about the situation in Spain where healthcare workers and others had run out of materials.

They were thinking about how they could best help.

So they decided to make protective face shields.

One of these four people works at Quadpack Plastics and was the one who mobilized the company and got us involved in this collaboration.

First, a design of the piece was made. They then contacted raw material suppliers, prototype makers, and a long etcetera of collaborators who  altruistically decided to chip in to make this Corporate Philanthropy collaboration happen.

All of this was done in just 10 days, so the reaction time of all the organisations and people involved was very fast.

At Quadpack Plastics we produce the visors.



Face shields


A transparent screen that covers the face is then mounted, and a string is attached so the healthcare worker can tie it in place.

As of today, we have already delivered more than 10,000 units.

We estimate that we will be able to deliver a minimum of 100,000 units.



Example Corporate Philanthropy



Gratitude from nursing homes and hospitals is very comforting


How have your colleagues at Quadpack reacted?

The reaction from our Quadpack Plastics employees has been incredible. Everyone is pulling together to be part of this charity project.
Our mood is very positive despite the hard times that we are going through in our country.
Now more than ever we feel very united in this fight against Covid-19.

Knowing that we are helping so many people, being able to collaborate in such a selfless way and receiving so many grateful words and thanks from nursing homes, hospitals, medical centres, etc… it’s very comforting and heartwarming.


Employee satisfaction covid-19


So does all of this reflect in their Employee Satisfaction Index?


From Celpax we want to highlight that they have a remarkable result.

Quadpack Plastics not only managed to stop their downtrend and maintain the employee satisfaction index level.

They even managed to get some days with 100% green!

The employee satisfaction index they have today, although lower than pre-COVID, is at a level which is considered to be “normal” during “normal times”.


Employee satisfaction index


Quadpack is achieving this level during a very difficult moment: obliged to wear masks and gloves throughout the whole working day, the insecurity and stress from Covid-19, worrying about family members…

Just imagine what their employee satisfaction levels would be like without this fantastic corporate philanthropy initiative.

Worth noticing is also that 64% green isn’t a normal level to be at for many factories. Independently of Covid-19.

In a town nearby we have another company where their index in the factory has totally plummeted in the last weeks.

But the positive story doesn’t end here.



The charity project grows: Hola neighbour!


Is there anything that has surprised you Silvia?

The amount of people who, hearing that we were working on a solidarity project, have come together to offer their help in a selfless way:

Taxi drivers, couriers, friends, neighbours, relatives…

Everyone wants to collaborate and get involved!

In this photo, you’ll see a group of neighbours helping out by cutting the strings.

Check out the fun way they sent it to us :)

solidarity project from company quadpack

Are you planning on doing more corporate philanthropy like this?


In addition to the protective face shields, we are also offering our facilities to store the masks that are being distributed to hospitals.


A taxi driver to the rescue


Do you have any recommendation for others?

Being able to help all these people who are in great need of this material right now is a very gratifying feeling.

We have a nursing home that really needed masks.

I didn’t know how to send them to them because they are far away from us.

In the end, I found a taxi driver who is going to drive the 124 kilometers (round trip) for free to deliver these masks.

I just don’t have words for all of this. There’s no limit to how much people are willing to collaborate.


That’s it! After reading this, what did you think of their corporate philanthropy initiative?

Perhaps with all the bad that Covid-19 has brought, it could serve to quantify the importance of meaningful work.

Motivation means quality and benefits for the company. Perhaps this type of projects of this could systematically be incorporated and generate a win-win for organisations and workers.

Collaborating in solidarity projects makes a big difference.

And there are usually ups and downs in production where hours can be spared for example, excess materials that can be used, etc.

Would you let your people start a corporate philanthropy initiative where they would spend X amount of hours every year?


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