Swiss insurer adds the Celpax to their preventive healthcare for clients

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Preventive healthcare programs are our topic today:


Preventive Healthcare

Would it surprise you that only 3 out of 10 Swiss workers rate themselves as ‘fit and motivated’?

An increasing number of employees feel stressed, drained, sick or on the verge of a work burnout.

They’re no longer performing at their best and their happiness, health, family and relationships all take a hit.

Simple measures lead to more productive employees

Basler Insurance has been busy testing solutions that can help their clients break the negative trend of long term illnesses.

Basler Care, get motivated employees with simple measures

They’re now launching ‘Baloise Care’. It’s a new program aimed at their clients to raise awareness around Workplace Health.

They offer solutions to reduce health-related cost. The goal is to increase productivity and work preventively so their clients can keep their workforce motivated.

The insurer is convinced their clients can save millions with simple measures as it leads to more productive employees.

The Celpax device is one of the products included under the name “Stimmungsmessung”.

Continuous workplace improvement

The insurance employees used the green and red feedback buttons themselves to better understand how easy it is to self-reflect on your workdays.

“What makes me press the green button?” And it gets conversations started using questions like “How can we have less red days in our team?”.

The online data shows the mood trends so companies can detect early signs of employee morale going down, to take measures before burnouts, sick leaves, etc.

Preventive Healthcare!

A Mood KPI (Key Performance Indicator), helps companies continuously improve working conditions together.

These data points can be cross-checked with other KPI’s like productivity, absenteeism, safety, etc.


A Mood KPI (Key Performance Indicator), helps companies continuously improve working conditions together, and can be cross checked with other KPI’s like productivity, abseentism, safety, etc.

Why preventive care is important

“It’s a win-win-win situation. It will benefit the employees, the company and also we as an insurer who has to pay less in claims. The claim reduction is not in the center, because it will automatically happen”, says Patrick Wirth, Head of Product Management Accident / Health.

“We also benefited from the test results and it helped us establish what customers really need,” says Veronika Bischof, Head of Product Development and Marketing.

“We believe in offering a lean range of measures that deliver big leverage on health and productivity”, continues Britta Dürr-Hausheer, one of the key people behind the Health Management program.

A great workplace is everyone’s job

There are many preventive care benefits for adults.

At Celpax we’re not surprised that only 3 out 10 of the 4.9 million employed in Switzerland rate themselves as fit and motivated.

We’re working hard to get companies to create a better and more positive work environment, helping people live longer, healthier lives.

We’re super proud our Celpax devices was evaluated and picked by the Basler Insurance employees for their program.

Let’s get more people to wake up in the morning and feel good about going to work!

*Survey by the foundation Health Promotion Switzerland

Interested in preventive healthcare? Get in touch!

The scrum master in a Dutch team presses green at the end of the work shift

Basler Versicherungen and Baloise Bank SoBa act together as a focused financial services provider, a combination of insurance and bank. In Switzerland, they are a leader in integrated solutions for insurance, financial precautions and asset accumulation for private customers and small and medium-sized enterprises. With the “safety world,” Basler also positions itself as an insurer with intelligent prevention. Basler counts around 3’300 employees.

The Basler Versicherungen and the Baloise Bank SoBa are part of the Baloise Group based in Basel, Switzerland. The Baloise share is listed on the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange. The Baloise Group employs approximately 7’600 people.


Measure if your preventive healthcare actions are working.

Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

Standard cover

Workplace improvement

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