Manufacturing Podcast featuring Celpax

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Manufacturing Podcast


The popular Manufacturing Wellness Podcast is hosted by Laura Timbrook.


If you’re in manufacturing and into podcasts on leadership, you’ve probably heard of this show already.

Laura’s podcast is famous for highlighting health and wellness initiatives within the manufacturing industry.

The main goal of the show is to inspire leaders to improve employee wellbeing and safety.

US-based Laura Timbrook is a national board-certified health and wellness coach, author and international speaker.

She specializes in strategies for the manufacturing industry.



How the Celpax device is revolutionizing leadership and employee satisfaction

The episode featuring Rebecca Lundin, co-founder at Celpax, focuses on data and continuous workplace improvement.

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxBlue-collar leadership has changed a lot in the last years.

But some things remain the same:

The need to be a good leader and listener.

As few young workers show an interest in the manufacturing industry, many companies are stepping up their efforts.

The impact of COVID is pushing employee wellbeing and mental health to a more prominent position.

Yet, many managers never talk with their people about how they’re feeling at work.

Manufacturing is a fast-paced environment.

Predominately male, traditionally many have the attitude of “keep your head down and get the job done”.

The podcast name is “How was your day?”.

That is the question the Celpax devices asks plant workers at the end of each workday.

The worker simply presses a green or red button to give feedback. 

This baseline, i.e. 60% press the green button, whereas 40% press the red, creates a baseline.

You can then follow the trend of the Mood KPI, to see what impacts this key metric.


Manufacturing podcast, lean leadership


Continuous Workplace Improvement

What makes workers press green?

How can you fix the red?

The daily data will indicate if your leaders are successfully improving at work, or not.

Back in 2012, the early adopters of this methodology were in lean manufacturing.

Today, the company has users in 60 countries with companies like Unilever, McDonald’s, and Coca Cola.

Covid has highlighted the need to promote health and wellbeing at work.

Talking about it is the first step to make an impact on the work environment.

One part of the Covid-19 problem is that a lot of managers in the manufacturing industry are working from home.

Meanwhile, their plant workers are on the floor.

So the message they’re receiving is that it’s not safe for the top leadership to come in, but it’s safe for YOU.

That red-button feedback is clearly showing up in the Celpax data, worldwide.



How was your day?

That simple question says so much about your approach and perspective of your leadership role.

To inspire employees is to understand what holds them back. And help them move forward and be successful!

No one ever took a job and thought, “How can I screw this up?”

Managers concerned enough to ask what’s wrong and actually provide help making things better become exceptional leaders!

Why isn’t this more common in our manufacturing workplaces?

It’s not enough to celebrate Manufacturing Day once a year.

More needs to be done to retain and attract new employees.

We need more leaders that truly focus on the wellbeing of their team.

Leaders that are interested in honest and open conversations about how their people feel at work.

And who then take continuous action in their business, of course.

That is the future of manufacturing.





Manufacturing Podcast

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Measure the mood!

What’s the impact of your leadership activities?

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Lean Manufacturing  Metrics for change management

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-founder at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to create better work environments. And build a better society while at it! We’re on Twitter or follow us on Linkedin.



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