Four Creative Ways to Improve Morale at Your Company

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4 Creative Ways HR Can Improve Morale at Your Company

How can HR improve morale at work in simple ways? 

Bridget Callahan gives 4 tips:

The key to creating a successful and sustainable company lies within the quality of your employees’ work experience.

If your staff doesn’t feel supported by their superiors or aren’t given proper incentives to work hard and produce results, company-wide morale may become too low for you to be able to achieve long-term success.

In most cases, human resource departments are set in place to ensure this doesn’t happen and that employees feel well-supported and properly cared for.

In addition to being a constantly available resource, there are a few things your own HR department can do to boost the morale of your workforce.

1. Provide opportunities for feedback

Active communication is essential to creating an efficient workplace.

It’s important for employees and executives to regularly engage with one another so they’re able to have a comprehensive sense of the work being done across departments and where greater support may be needed.

Feedback exchange is particularly important, as the learning experience it creates for employees and their superiors can directly impact your business’ capacity for growth.

This is where a tool like the Celpax survey kiosks comes in handy.

It allows employees the opportunity to give anonymous feedback that can help inform executives of any negative feelings that might exist within the workforce.

When your company’s leaders utilize technology that gives them a stronger awareness of issues arising within their teams, they can be better equipped to assess and address those issues.

What’s more, these devices provide your employees with a way to make their voices heard and to take action that can initiate positive change within the workplace.

2. Modernize your office’s workflow

As time passes, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technological solutions to boost efficiency within the workplace, so it’s wise to consider implementing a variety of cutting-edge tools into your own business.

There are several ways you can incorporate technology into your company’s structure to modernize each department’s practices and enhance productivity.

In addition to installing feedback hubs around your office space, you can utilize digital solutions to automate components of employee workloads that don’t require manual execution.

Human capital management tools, for example, can simplify tasks.

This means that your HR employees can focus on more demanding elements of their work by using automatic systems for employee time capture and payroll management.

With lower-level tasks removed from their workload, employees can experience greater fulfillment from having more time to apply themselves fully to the more engaging and challenging aspects of their jobs and to complete them at an elevated level.

3. Create a culture of trust

If employees feel as though their managers are excessively hands-on or don’t trust them to be independently productive, it can impede their ability to feel confident in their work which, in turn, can diminish morale.

While it’s important for an HR department to be engaged in the human affairs of the company, it’s equally as important to place trust in your company’s staff to complete their work efficiently and in a way that affords them a little more flexibility.

How about implementing flexible hours in your office to better accommodate your employees’ work-life balance?

Giving staff the option to complete their work in a time frame that works better for their personal schedules and individual levels of productivity can improve employee attitudes toward performing tasks.

It also provides motivation for them to put more effort into producing quality work.

Four Creative Ways HR Can Improve Morale at Your Company

4. Schedule fun extracurriculars

It’s natural for office morale to be low if your workforce feels as though there’s never an opportunity for them to unwind or enjoy themselves with the rest of the company.

Expecting a highly productive workplace can be a positive practice.

However, if there’s no room for a little bit of fun, you might find that employee motivation and enthusiasm begins to decline.

Having your HR department take time to plan extracurricular activities that encourage employee participation can be a simple but effective way to improve morale within your company.

Set staff fitness challenges, coordinate weekly happy hours with local restaurants, or make your office a pet-friendly space.

Schedule company events or outings outside of work hours that allow your staff to strengthen their connections with one another in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Perhaps Waffle Fridays to boost morale at work?

The more your HR team strives to demonstrate to your employees that they are valued and that their hard work is appreciated, the better the morale of the entire company will be.


How’s employee morale at work? Measure how effective your initiatives are. 


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Bridget Callahan is a seasoned HR writer and a tech enthusiast. She drinks entirely too much coffee, and she spends most of her free time with her dog, Hagrid.

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