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Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s what the Celpaxers are grateful for

Working on Thanksgiving? We sure hope your workday is green! For those of you who celebrate… Have a happy and grateful Thanksgiving! The Celpaxers have a lot to be grateful for this year. First off, thanks to open-minded leaders wordwide, our Celpax device to measure employee mood in real-time has expanded to reach signups from  countries. Grab a […]

How to customize your Daily Pulse cover

All leaders interested in improving their workplace with real-time employee feedback can customize the cover of their DailyPulse device. We love seeing how companies adapt their own style! Using an image of a few of your coworkers is popular and a great way to get buy in from your people. In one call center the […]

When is an organisation ready for change?

How to manage change in an organisation   We often hear that organisations use the excuse of focusing on basics first before considering adopting new things, innovative working methods or to focus on better internal and external communications. Because the organisation is in a difficult period to survive, company executives argue that ‘we should not […]

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