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The workplace ergonomics needed

– For a successful Celpax installation

Some leaders start improving employee mood by testing 1 free Celpax device. But what if you have more exit points (and aren’t ready to go premium and get all the devices you need)?

Successful Celpax MoodBox Installation at the exit doors

What if I don’t have a location with just 1 exit point?

Go ahead and test! We recommend ordering more devices as soon as you see that the Celpax is working for you, typically once you’re out of the Warm-Up stage which lasts 14 days. By then many companies know if their employees like the moodbox approach.

Why do I need a Celpax by every exit door?

For the Celpax to work, it’s necessary to capture all bypassing employees so they ALL have an opportunity to press and make their voice heard.

If you test using 1 device and you have multiple exit doors it is very difficult to capture all people. The employees that leave through an exit door where there is no device to leave feedback, might not feel included in the initiative and you won’t know where you stand participation wise.

It could also be that you miss out on feedback from a whole department, the results might be skewed.

What we have seen is that companies that have installed the Celpax in positions that ergonomically doesn’t make sense… don’t work in the long run.

Let us explain :)

Simplicity – make it easy for me to participate

Our whole idea is based on simplicity. It’s easy to press the button if you hang it right next to the exit door where I stop to open the door to leave work every day. I just see it, press for a second, and then head out. Little effort.

If I have to go to a specific location which is not on my natural way out (i.e. a different exit door), there’s a high chance I won’t establish a routine. I simply won’t press. If I use a back door because it’s nearer to my bus stop I won’t use the reception door just because the moodbox is placed there.

Because I will have to make an effort. Daily. And the whole simplicity approach falls apart.

We’ve seen this happen in work sites where they installed at 1 out of 3 exit doors: participation was lower – and dropped much quicker over time – in comparison to all other sites.

Changing the location of their Celpax brought their participation back to levels we see in other companies.


So if you want to successfully test the Celpax device, find a location/floor/department where there is just 1 exit door. Or go premium :)

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