Why Happy Employees Means a Better Workplace

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Happy employees are productive employees

May is Mental Health Month in the United States which gives us the opportunity to reflect on…


Why happy and healthy employees create better workplaces.

According to Mental Health America, 70% of those currently employed are looking for other jobs. 

It certainly doesn’t sound like many people are happy employees!

Adding to this stat, according to the same article, half of the workers in the U.S. would label themselves as ‘checked out’. All this leads to an engaged workforce that simply doesn’t care.

But what happens if we start to put employees happiness first? Happy employees are healthy employees.

Healthy employees are more productive employees that are engaged in the workplace.

A few stats on why happy employees make for better, healthier workplaces:

happy employees to increase workplace happiness

Joan Manel, HR at user Dallant, a food flavouring company, continuously correlates key data within their organization.

“We included our Employee Mood KPI and compared with our production efficiency starting from 2012”, says Manel.

“You can correlate the Mood KPI with any key number in your organization like orders, sales, projects etc. This way you can monetize each point your employee mood goes up or down.”

Measuring employee happiness doesn’t have to be complicated. With the ability to track your results and how your mood is trending, you’ll be able to see how happiness relates to all other areas of business.

Having happy employees doesn’t just affect the individuals, it affects the entire organization.

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about how to start improving workplace happiness here.

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