Vinculum India aims to create a Best Place to Work with the Celpax device

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Using data to create a Best Place to Work


Vinculum Group was the first company to install a free Celpax device in India.

Find out how the Head of HR is creating a Best Place to Work by measuring and improving employee mood in real-time.

“Back when I was studying for my MBA I had a professor who asked for weekly feedback by getting people to pick either a green or red ball, and anonymously drop it in a big bowl. Depending on the dominant colour in the bowl, he knew how things were going”, says Hasham Muhammed, Head of HR.

“The idea really attracted me and when I saw the Celpax device on Twitter I thought this is the same! But more practical in a larger setup”. Perfect for our quest to become a best place to work.

Create a Best Place to Work with the Celpax device

The online analytics where Vinculum will check progress towards becoming a Best Place to Work

“Do we really need a machine to know if employees are happy?”

“After a couple of months I showed the Celpax device to my CEO and his feedback was “…but if we’re happy here we will know it, you don’t really need a machine to know if our employees are happy?”.

My answer was “You still need a mechanism for feedback though!”, says Hasham.

Vinculum is a fast growing IT Products & Services company, relying heavily on an engaged workforce:

“We approach employees on a random basis. During 3 minutes we ask them for any input, feedback or question they may have. This way we get input about what needs to be improved“. Now we can use data to check if the initiatives have an effect.”

It’s like Apple: simplicity is good

“As HR I have an internal agenda to do cool stuff and people saw the Celpax as something cool. It’s innovative, the device looks good. I like that it’s easy to use, sometimes it’s a pain to get systems working, this is easy to install and use. That’s what you learn from Apple right? Simplicity is always good!”, he says with a smile.

“I installed myself which was really easy”

“I installed myself which was really easy. I hung a postcard with a comic explaining the concept next to the Celpax device. I then printed two of the slides from the employee presentation from Celpax, so people could easily read it.”

Hasham’s next priority was to get the employees excited about the Celpax device:

“We have town hall meetings, Open House sessions, with all our employees every 3 months. It’s a platform for important company announcements, HR updates, we announce ‘Staff of the quarter’ awards, etc. We also want our employees to speak up so we can capture feedback regarding if things are going well or not in our company”, says the Indian HR Director.

Mood meter in India measures employee morale

Launching the Celpax: “I think everybody liked it”

Vinculum launched their Celpax device at an Open House.

“It was very well received, I think everybody liked it. We promised our employees that of course, we would share the results in the next Open House”.

Of the ideas they get from employees get at the Open House, they pick 2 areas that they decide to work on during the following quarter.

“We limit to 2 areas to get focus. Going forward I have a specific day in the month where we will only get input and employee feedback as to how we can see less red presses on our Celpax”.

Measuring if initiatives affect employee mood

“Installing the Celpax isn’t a stand-alone thing; it’s an add-on to what we’re doing already to become a best place to work. We’ve now been measuring our employee mood for 25 days and so far it’s going well. Now we can actually measure if what we are doing is having an effect.”

“We’ll be able to test initiatives and then say OK, the Y initiative isn’t working, we probably need to try something else soon.

“After you have collected feedback, making changes in a manageable way and showing the results is extremely important. That’s where your focus has to be!”, the Indian HR Director emphasizes.

Becoming a Great Place To Work

“We’ve been doing a lot of initiatives this year, including taking the Great place to work survey. Getting employee feedback and acting thanks to the Celpax is a big part of creating the workplace we want to have.”

“Now we can analyze our employee mood data and better understand the underlying company mood and motivation of our employees, and compare with our HR initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to be a best place to work in India. That is the reason we have the Celpax device installed here at Vinculum”, Hasham concludes.

Curious? Join leaders from 60 countries and get one Celpax device to measure employee mood and continuously improve at work. 

Office mood at Vinculum in India

Vinculum is a global company offering IT products and services to enable multi-channel retailing for eCommerce companies and retailers. All employees at Vinculum are an integral part of the organization and thus addressed as a ‘Vinner’. Vinculum is among the Top 100 Red Herring Global companies.

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