Having a bad day at work? Today I pressed the red button leaving work

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Having a bad day at work? My work day:


Today I pressed the red button leaving work. I was indeed having a bad day at work.

And if you check the red people icons in my photo (it show’s today’s employee mood result) – I wasn’t the only coworker that hit the red button.

And for those of you who read this thinking it’s because today is a Monday – no, that’s not why :) .

There’s just a lot going on at work right now.


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In fact, our Employee Mood KPI in Celpax is at the lowest in the history of our company!

Like many of you have experienced – and told me – when a company goes through change it’s sometimes tough. Like, very tough. I hear you!

But sometimes it’s easy to pop back.

When I started writing this I googled for some images to illustrate my Red Mood. That feeling of being drained of energy. Then I ran into this silly blog post about people having a shitty day at work.

To my surprise I found myself a) reading it and b) starting to laugh as I scrolled down.

And boom. The red-button mood is gone.

It doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be a green-button day. But it means I’m heading home with a smile on my lips.

And that’s worth a lot to get new energy for tomorrow’s workday :)

So the next time I’m having a bad day at work I won’t beat myself up too much.

I’ll look for the silly stuff, or look for changes to be made…



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