“This is the only new thing I’ve seen at the whole HR fair”

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Thanks everyone for coming by our stand in Germany during the HRM Expo (Zukunft Personal). Our favourite quote came from a European HR consultant visiting Cologne to check out the latest HR trends: “This is the only new thing I’ve seen at the whole HR fair”.

How happy are your coworkers?

Visitors got to press red or green on the DailyPulse to see themselves how easy it is to get instant feedback from coworkers. By making it a habit for all coworkers to express how their day went (How was your day? Press the red or the green button before you leave the office) you can see if the trend is going up, or going down. If your company’s curve is going down then you can take action in time.

Are your coworkers with you?

Thanks to DailyPulse it’s easy to spot and get alerted when employee morale starts going down. Poorly engaged coworkers affect your company culture negatively and are contagious: low morale affects everything from customer service and productivity to company earnings. If you decide to take action to improve things then you see when your initiatives are working. The DailyPulse curve should start heading back up thanks to your leadership training, lunch roulettes, occasional perks, or whatever direction you may chose.

Or are your coworkers with you 100%?

You also get instant feedback when organizing events like an All-Staff meeting. Let’s say you present your new strategy for 2014 at the meeting. You usually have a DailyPulse score of 72% green. After the meeting your score goes up to 95% green – you’re coworkers are behind you! But what happens if you get 83% red?

Are you acting a year too late?

The downside of traditional annual employee surveys is that they don’t provide you with the up-to speed info that you need in today’s fast paced market. Between sending out the survey, waiting for all coworkers to give feedback, analyzing and then communicating the results, you’re losing lots of valuable time. With DailyPulse you can take action before the problem escalates, and easily make sure you have your coworkers with you. All with the touch of (a green or red) button.

Tschüß Germany!

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