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Customer Service Week – 7 quick and easy ideas

Ideas For Customer Service Week 2022   Customer Service Week is almost here! Looking for fun ideas..? Monday 3 until Friday 7 October is all about highlighting how important customer service is. And giving some special attention to your CS employees. Covid is still making our lives harder than we would like to. A lot of service staff have been showing up […]

Real time customer feedback is trending – but how are your employees today?

Real time customer feedback is trending – but how are your employees? The real-time fever has hit the customer service department. What about team managers? There’s a fast-growing trend in the market where companies find out in real-time how their customers rate the service received. Companies install big kiosks where people indicate their happiness level. These […]

Do you know if your coworkers are happy at work? I bet your customers do.

Customer satisfaction vs Employee Engagement   Your employees are the ones who can really make a difference by creating and maintaining customer satisfaction. Do you know how engaged and motivated your coworkers are today, this week or this month? There’s a fair chance your customers are more clued in than your C-suite.   Engaged employees care more […]