This Simple Compliment Can Help Improve Employee Morale

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World Compliment Day: Boost employee morale with a simple Thank You

March 1st is World Compliment Day.

So here’s one from us to you – you’ve done an awesome job by installing Celpax and by pressing those buttons!

If you’ve recently joined, you may have just received an email from us with a simple suggestion for increasing employee morale.

If you’re well into your Celpax journey, you might have received it quite a while ago so here’s a quick refresher:

After seeing some pulse feedback from employees, we always suggest you send out a quick compliment to employees; a thank you to let them know that you’re listening.

World Compliment Day

As it’s World Compliment Day, we thought it was a good opportunity to talk about why we suggest this employee morale booster. And why we think it works.

It’s exciting when you first install Celpax; it’s the start of working together to create a better workplace (and improving employee morale)!

Hopefully, with a successful launch (maybe you even used a few of our templates and downloads), you’re seeing a ton of feedback from your employees.

“By letting employees know with a ‘thank you’ that you’re listening, it gives them a reason to keep up on their end as well.”

As Celpax becomes a part of the normal workday (though you may not have a wealth of data yet), it’s important to check in with employees and give them an indication that their work with Celpax is appreciated.

You need to remind people that you’re also working to help improve employee morale.

Complimenting employees

Complement your employees by letting them know with a ‘thank you’, that you’re listening and committed to improvement.

This gives employees a reason to keep up on their end as well.

As you continue, checking in with a compliment to employees and letting them know that you’re reading the results still stands true.

Even if results are consistent, don’t let the office vibe slip into indifference or apathy.

It’s especially easy for employees to feel indifferent if they don’t feel like actions are being taken.

Compliments and communication are important and necessary but so are your actions!

Read more about companies who took action in this case study.

The momentum only keeps going if everyone is taking part and contributing.

Stay positive.

Like we always say, a great workplace is everyone’s job!

What have you planned for World Compliment day?

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Hey there! I’m Alex, marketing specialist at Celpax and I love helping to create workplaces people love. We’re a for-profit helping workplaces improve employee morale with simple tech tools.  Happy World Compliment Day! Be sure to follow Celpax on Twitter, ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn

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