Should I add admins to my Celpax dashboard?

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Should I add admins to my Celpax dashboard?

A great workplace is everybody’s job.

One of our users discovered this when she took it upon herself to help get more #GreenButtonDays in the office.

She realized that improving at work isn’t about one person pulling everyone else along. Or the HR department doing all the work. It’s about all co-workers working together to improve.

So, when it comes to the Celpax results, who is responsible for checking the dashboard results?

Who should know where the employee mood stands and who is responsible for tracking the mood after an improvement?

Does the responsibility solely rest with one person?

If so, this might cause issues in the future when it comes to employee engagement and participation.

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Foster employee empowerment

Users find that giving employees resources and tools in the form of access to the Celpax dashboard and the results can help foster employee empowerment.

By giving them the tools to see what the workplace mood is like and how it is improving or declining can help to install a sense of control over the results.

It’s important for participation and for mood that employees feel like they “own” the Celpax and their voices are being heard.

Giving employees access to the dashboard is a great way to instil this.

Not too long ago, we spoke to Aaron from Jux Law Firm about relaunching the Celpax device after some turnover in his company. They had some major changes that pushed employee engagement efforts to the wayside.

We spoke about how to relaunch your Celpax device over here (and we can help you with personalized best practice advice).

One of the steps we talk about when relaunching your Celpax is adding on employees to the Celpax dashboard as admins or employees.


WHY are we doing this?

When trying to reinvolve staff in employee mood, users find that it’s important to stress how the Celpax can help employees.

User Christophe de Moise of BASF told us about he told his team about the Celpax, “We explained WHY we’re doing this. This tool really is for them! It’s for all of us together to come up with solutions for improvements”, says Christophe.

Adding employees onto the dashboard promotes transparency in the company.

It involves all the staff into the decisions being made.


“Supervisors are closest to the problem”

User Scott from Zerorez recently spoke to me about how he tries to empower his employees to take charge of what they can change in the workplace or how they can bring about change in the workplace.

“I try to speak to the team to let them know that if something is making them press red that they should speak to their direct supervisors because they are closest to the problem and can put change into place faster than I can.”

If employees, managers and supervisors are encouraged to take ownership and make changes to make the workplace happier for themselves and others, then shouldn’t they also have access to the Celpax results?

User Christophe de Moine at BASF puts it succinctly, “This is for all of us together to come up with solutions for improvements. If we don’t take action and show that pressing brings results, then people will get fed up and not use the tool. You have to explain that if you can’t change something now, what’s the long term plan? Perhaps you need to ask for budget, or you need more time, plan better, etc.”.

After speaking with Aaron and encouraging him to add his employees after letting him know about the benefits many of our other users had seen, he asked if adding employees was right for him or in what case he should add employees.

A good question with a simple answer: yes and yes!

If a transparent workplace is important to you, then we always encourage adding employees to the dashboard, at any point in your Celpax journey. And you can add as many employees and admin as you’d like.

Bonus Tip!

You can add team members as an employee (which means limited access) or as an admin (full access).

If you’re looking to test this feature out first, you could try adding on a few team members as employees.


Ready to add employees and admin to the dashboard?

Learn more about adding admins or employees to your dashboard here.

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