The Power of Workplace Humour on Employee Mood

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The Power of Workplace Humour

It’s no laughing matter: workplace humour is a huge benefit for employee mood.

We’ve all been in a difficult work situation where a little bit of humour has helped to get us through.

Maybe your department is working on a big project and you’re crunched for time.

Or perhaps you’re understaffed and have had to take on extra work with no extra time or resources.

But jokes with co-workers to make light of the situation can help put everyone in a good mood again. That’s the power of workplace humour on employee mood.

Aside from a good laugh around the water cooler, workplace humour can be a huge benefit for employee mood.


employee mood and workplace humour

Humour is part of what makes up a company culture.

And tuning into how humour is received at a workplace can help you, as an employee, understand if a workplace is right for you.

User Scott Oremland from Zerorez explains the importance of company culture and how he hires for the cultural fit:

“Previously we were trying to get people aligned to our core values. Now we actively LOOK for people that are aligned to our values. I now go through our company values when I interview candidates. I tell them that the people you’ll be sitting next to share these values, so it’s gonna be easier to fit in to our work culture if you do too. This means you’ll be more likely to be happy at work and press the green button heading home at the end of the day”, he explains.

Gauging what the type of humour is used in a workplace and if it’s in line with your own, can be a good way to judge whether or not you will be happy (and pressing those green buttons!) there.

Factory worker

(Tasteful!) humour at work can be an excellent reliever of tension

On that note, tasteful humour (i.e. work appropriate) is necessary for a functional workplace and if their humour is not for you, the workplace might not be either.

Michael Kerr, writer of the book The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses are Laughing all the Way to the Bank said in this article that, “Humor reduces tension in a stressful situation, provides a realistic perspective when you need it, gives you control over your emotions, and helps you rise above a crisis.”

Take one of the scenarios we mentioned above.

When a co-worker makes a joke about the stressful situation you all find yourself in, you usually feel better about what’s going and the team’s mood improves.

Staying cool, calm and collected in one of the situations we’ve talked about is a feat.

But humour at work might be the best trick up your sleeve. According to this source, “humour makes you appear calm and in control of a situation, and able to look at it with perspective”.

“Someone with a good sense of humour does a better job”

In fact, one survey said that “91% of executives who responded felt that a sense of humour was important for career advancement, and 84% agreed that someone with a good sense of humour does a better job”.

It can be a little awkward to approach someone from another department for a favour on a project.

So, you might start off talking to them with a quick joke.

There’s a reason why most people break the ice with a joke.

Like this article states, “It’s typically easier to approach someone you’ve had a laugh with–no matter their rank or yours. And the fear of making a mistake and being judged diminishes, and we feel comfortable sharing our ideas.”

This source says that humour in turn, lets employees become more “comfortable around one another, decision making itself becomes a much more fluid […] process…”.

Humour can be a great relationship builder in the office and make everyone feel more at ease.

The office and employee mood can simply be a little more relaxed.

Better break out that joke book!

Well, as long it’s tasteful humour :)


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