Measure The Pulse Of Your Employees: featuring Celpax

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5 tools to measure the pulse of your employees

What is the purpose of an employee pulse survey? To take action and improve of course!

Today the Celpaxers are extra happy.


Our device to get an employee pulse was included when Employee Scheduling Pro listed “5 tools to measure the pulse of your employees”.

Here’s an abstract from their article featuring the different employee pulse tools:

Ways to improve employee morale


“As much as managers like to think that they have a good read on their employees, there’s always more to the story.

Even for managers who really are close with their employees, there will always be intangible factors that don’t come out in conversation.

So how do you get employees to talk about the aspects of their day that they don’t care to mention?

Are your employees overall happy or not with work?

hr metrics dashboard

The genius of the Celpax survey is that it takes the mood factor to its most simple, basic roots by asking one question:

“How was your day?”

On the way out, employees can simply answer this survey question by pressing a red or green button.

The result is hard data on whether or not your employees are overall happy or unhappy with work.

That can give you insight into where the mood is headed.

What may be causing bad mood at your company?

What can be done?

This employee pulse survey tool gives you the foresight to cut out bad programs from the get-go.

Sometimes surveys that take place at the end of the workday don’t give you the proper insight because they don’t capture the mood of the moment. Or you fill in the survey on a “bad day”, hence you’re responding to a question which isn’t the one your company asked.

I.e. if my manager just did something I totally don’t agree with, and I receive a pulse survey asking “how would you rate our diversity program?”, chances are I’ll give a lower rating, simply because today I’m upset with my manager.

The normal data from Celpax gives you real-time, simple feedback that actually tells you how employees are feeling every workday.

The best part?

They send you a device for 5 euros when you sign up.

This one’s an easy way to get started on really checking the employee pulse.


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

If you’d like to measure the pulse of your employees, just leave us your details.

Have fun improving at work :)

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