Internal communication planning: When HR gets creative

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Here’s an example of effective internal communication planning. Part of the outcome is a 9,5% increase in job satisfaction.

Who’s behind it? Meet a creative HR Director:



Internal communication planning


Here at Celpax, we’re in contact with a lot of HR people who install one of our devices to measure employee morale.

Many realize the importance of internal communication planning, and that communication is critical to the HR strategy.

Well, or to succeed in pretty much anything you do or launch internally.

Some hang the device on the wall thinking the Celpax will, a bit magically, increase employee satisfaction on itself.

Some HR do great stuff, whereas others never leave the planning stage.

Let’s look at a ‘doer’!

An example of an Internal Communications Plan

Paul Gregson, HR DirectorWhen Paul Gregson at law firm Wright Hassall LLP launched their Celpax, their goal was to understand their level of employee engagement.

They were interested in how employee engagement would change over time.

The English HR Director did quite a lot in the first 2 weeks to raise awareness:

  •  A ‘desk-drop’ onto every employee’s desk or chair (so that they couldn’t miss it!) at 7.30am on day 1, before anyone came into the office (this created a hubbub of discussion)
  • A desktop screensaver (see pic below) that opens up when you launch your computer in a morning, and every time your PC goes into hibernation
  • A ‘Thank you for participating’ paragraph in their ‘Daily Digest’
  • A piece in the ‘Team Briefing’


Screen saver pictures


Paul ensured that the smiley/sad logos were included in all internal communications so that they were visually consistent and appealing.

It’s a great way to build awareness in the business.

It also gets employees used to the concept of analyzing workdays in terms of Good / It-could-have-been-better.

  • He made sure to use existing internal communication channels, such as newsletters.
  • He also stuck a bright yellow arrow on the wall next to the Celpax machine at the exit door, to remind people to press a button.


Here’s another example of the internal communication at Wright Hassall, building on another HR metrics example:



Internal Communications Example

Daily Digest

Paul’s day to day is all about ensuring that Wright Hassall is a great place to work.

His focus is on creating a company culture where their people understand the vision, values and ambitions of the firm, and have the desire and talent to achieve these.

Notice how he’s transparent when communicating internally in their internal newsletter, and not afraid to address those who may be sceptical within his organisation?

His content is created for everyone in the audience:


Internal Communication Planning example

9,5% higher job satisfaction

We’ve previously written about the many challenges in lawyer working environments.

Wright Hassall launched their Celpax device on June 18th.

After about four months, they have slowly but surely managed to increase their Employee Mood KPI. They are now up 9.5% since the start.

At Celpax we are sure that the internal communication planning, and Paul’s continued effort to create a high-performance mindset amongst their employees, play a big role.

Paul and his team have done a great job.

We wish them continued business success as they continue to use HR data to improve their internal communication and company:)

 PS. Would you like to measure job satisfaction with the Celpax device?



Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure organizational engagement. And build a better society while at it! Interested in internal communication planning? Let’s chat on Twitter.

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