Increase Employee Engagement by Communicating the Right Questions

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Boost Employee Engagement by Asking the Right Questions

Don’t just talk- communicate by asking the right questions that get and keep employees excited!

Getting your first Celpax device is exciting!

In fact, because of that excitement, we usually see a huge spike in pulses for the first few days.

We get it!

Pressing buttons is satisfying, seeing the result lights is fun and it feels good to give your opinion on your workday.

Continuing on the Celpax journey, some find it difficult to sustain excitement as pressing buttons becomes a daily habit.

How to (best) involve your employees

How do you ensure that that excitement means employees want to participate in creating a better workplace?

Our users have told us that the best and most effective way to increase employee participation is communication.

But what and how you communicate can be just as important and help equally in increasing your Mood KPI.

This is evident in a story from user Levi over at Potash Corp (a Canadian company and the world’s largest fertilizer enterprise).

He says, “As time went on, it became a habit to press the Celpax once, at the end of the day when we leave work”.

Levi continues, “At first, we were excited about pressing the buttons, getting started and seeing our first mood KPI.”

“As pressing a button has become a habit, we needed to shift the excitement to what can we work on? What can we do and try?”


Asking the right questions

For Potash Corp, after a successful launch with the Celpax device, the communication needed to change.

They went from “Hey, this is the Celpax and this is how it works” to:

“What can we do to improve and what do you want to see happen?”

Asking the right questions to employees has paid off. Levi asked fellow employees what they could try to make a better workplace.

The employees answered: the ability to work remotely.

They made it happen and were able to see the mood KPI increase from 61% to 80% in just a few months.

Levi points out that the fact that you are communicating with employees indicates that you are listening and actively working to make a better workplace.


It takes energy to improve, but…

Getting employees excited about doing the work to create a better workplace could be difficult.

At first glance, it’s not as fun as pressing buttons and seeing lights pop up!

However, as Levi shows, getting co-workers and employees excited about trying new things to make the workplace better and then opening up that line of communication, can be correlated to positive results and increasing your mood KPI.

One of our users put it well when she said, ‘‘We were aware that it takes a lot of energy to improve, however it takes even more energy to ignore it’.

Are you asking the right questions?

Need a little help to get started?

Check out these templates to help communication.


Measure if your leadership actions are working.

Get feedback with our survey kiosk.


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