Quick and Easy Idea to Improve Workplace Communication

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1 Idea to Improve Workplace Communication

With so many people in a workplace, it can be difficult to ensure and improve communication across departments. Or even in the same department for that matter…

We always encourage users to talk in the workplace about what makes them press red or green.

Our data show that talking about job satisfaction and what makes a happy workplace is the best and fastest way to increase their Employee Mood KPI.

However, like we talked about here, making that time to communicate can be tricky.

Yet the only way to improve communication between employees or employees and managers is to… just jump in and start talking!

Workplace happiness and mood and productivity

Whether it’s about the Celpax results or just getting to know co-workers and managers; improving communication can help increase workplace happiness and mood and productivity.

In fact, according to this Forbes article, 67% of workers reported that having friends at work makes work more fun and enjoyable.

55% felt that having friends made work worthwhile and satisfying. 69% said it increased teamwork.

A Gallup survey found that those with a best friend at work were seven times more likely to fully engage at work.

Today, we’ve got a quick and easy idea that you can put in practice today to help you improve communication in the workplace:


improve communication

Yes, puzzles!

The idea is simple; a communal workplace puzzle available to the entire office. It’s a way to gather employees and managers from any department, around an activity to promote and improve communication.

The puzzle can be done at any time, for however long, by anyone.

Like we mentioned above, an activity like this to improve workplace communication can aid employees in forming friendships which greatly contribute to workplace happiness and company culture.

However, this communal puzzle idea also provides a place and time to discuss the Celpax results and to ask the right questions.

It’s a smaller group of people (or it can even be one on one), casual, informal and intimate.

This takes the pressure off employees, inviting them to speak more freely about what makes them press red or green.

Bonus: like the Celpax, it’s a really cost effective way to start engaging employees an increasing the office mood.

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