How Can the Celpax Help with Employer Branding?

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Employer Branding

Employer branding is increasingly important as services like LinkedIn and Glassdoor become a go-to resource for job searchers. 

Are you putting your best foot forward as an employer? 

According to LinkedIn Global Talent trends, 70% of recruiting budgets are spent on job posting boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies but they identify that employer branding is the #1 area they need to invest more in.

56% of respondents to LinkedIn say employer branding is a top priority but only 57% of recruiters say that they have an employer branding strategy.

Job seekers reflect the growing importance of employer branding.

Just check out these stats on employer branding and what job searchers think:

employer branding

Wondering how the Celpax device can help you with employer branding?

Having an Leadership metrics tool like Celpax provides you with real time employee feedback.

You’re able to see how happy your current employees are and to see how the mood is trending over a time period.

Tracking employee mood this way can help you improve workplace happiness. And adapt to transparent leadership.

One of our users, Angela from PCCLease, an equipment rental service in Canada, installed the Celpax device in order to reinforce the message and core value of workplace happiness.

Angela agreed that having the device in the workplace sends the message, “we are listening and we care”.

This focus contributes to a more positive workplace environment.

It extends beyond just the workplace internally. Happier employees are more likely to recommend your organization to friends or on services.

Happiness becomes part of your brand as an employer.

62% of job seekers check employer’s social media channels

User Cosatto, a baby goods manufacturer in the UK was awarded the title of one of the Great Places to Work in 2016.

They made employee well being a core value throughout the entire company and saw how creating a positive environment built up a great reputation.

Installing the Celpax sends a message to your staff and extends beyond this and one of the great ways to spread the word about changes you’ve made is with social media.

Like we mentioned, 62% of job seekers check out an employer’s social media channels to see what the environment is like and how the brand identifies itself.

So, why not share the fact that you’ve installed a Celpax device to promote employee happiness (like these users did!).

Got a great story about how you use the Celpax or how you’ve made employee happiness a focus in your company?

We’d love to share your story to help your employer branding!

Why not drop us a line?

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