Golden nuggets to engage employees in October

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Golden nuggets for employee engagement

In case you missed some, here’s a recap of our October blog posts.

Have a look and see if there’s something you could learn.

The most popular blog post is…


8 benefits to measure employee engagement in real time

As traditional employee surveys are increasingly seen as outdated, modern approaches to measure employee engagement in real time are appearing.

Companies measure sales and financial metrics daily, or at least weekly or monthly.

What are the benefits to measure how employees feel at work – in real time?

Other popular Golden Nugget posts

Can today’s employee mood predict future company profits?

The short answer? Research shows that profits at one point in time are predicted by employees’ feelings about the company at earlier points in time.

By tapping into an ongoing People KPI you can take action in time to avoid problems in the future, and maximize sales and profits through higher employee engagement.



Do you know if your coworkers are happy at work? I bet your customers do.

Your employees are the ones who can really make a difference by creating and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Do you know how engaged and motivated your coworkers are today, this week or this month?

There’s a fair chance your customers are more clued in than your C-suite.



Only 4% perform predictive analytics about their employees

Research show that only 4% of companies have achieved the capability to perform “predictive analytics” about their employees.

Do your managers really know how their employees feel about their workdays?



What are your employees saying about you on Glassdoor?

Glassdoor recently challenged companies to have a look at their stats:

Is your company receiving more hits on your Glassdoor profile (company reviews provided by employees) or LinkedIn (content that your marketing team wrote)?

Comments left by your employees on Glassdoor can have a strong effect on current and future employees.


Hope you enjoyed our article suggestions!

We’ll leave you with a last golden nugget which is an article related to practical employee engagement ideas.


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