The free plan is now Celpax MINI!

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The free is now Celpax MINI!


After 7 years, our connectivity provider turned around and suddenly started charging us 3 times more.


As a small company, this is a hard hit. Especially since we have leaders who have deployed in 60 countries worldwide.

This huge change in data costs, combined with managers who order and don’t install, means we were unable to continue the 100% free plan.

However, we are still committed to being affordable and help managers improve their workplace.

Which means we had to get creative!

We had previously realized something with managers in remote areas who sponsored the transport in the free plan. They were more likely to successfully install and continuously improve their workplace.

So it looks like when people pay, even if it’s just a very small amount, they use the system more.

As a result, we came up with the Mini plan.


The Mini Plan

The Mini plan is a quick and affordable way to help leaders who just want to get started.

For €5 per month, you can measure if your improvements efforts are working.

This way we cover at least the data charges.

Hence managers can still avoid a lot of red tape and just deploy and see if the Celpax is something that works for their team.

The Mini is similar to the free plan:

Free survey employees

  • Standard cover
  • 1 per company max
  • Forum support only
  • Dashboard access
  • Weekly email update
  • Cancel anytime


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

You can find an overview of all plans here.

Plans overview with Mini


We are aware that this is a big change.

It is for us too, and we truly wish we could continue the free plan.

However, it’s just not possible and we hope you will understand.


Wishing you all a #GreenButtonDay at work!

Rebecca & The Celpaxers


Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-founder at Swedish Celpax. We use simple tech tools to create better work environments. And build a better society while at it! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


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