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How to empower employees

How to empower employees at work comes natural to some (Check out Sven’s Employee Empowerment Techniques) and feels very tricky to others.

What does empowering employees look like?

And how does it affect work satisfaction?

Being micromanaged isn’t fun. If you’re like me (or pretty much any other human), the ‘helicopter boss’ that circles you constantly, is frustrating and stressful.

Having autonomy makes me feel more in control of my work and my space. I feel empowered to do my best work and therefore, feel more engaged as an employee.

It’s sounds a little obvious to say that empowering employees can lead to increased employee engagement.

However, if my experience tells me anything, it’s that there are a lot of workplaces that don’t put this into practice.

So maybe it isn’t so obvious?


What does empowering your employees, really mean?

What does it look like? And how can you tell that it’s increasing employee engagement?

Dek Technologies, one of our Swedish users practices transparency, company wide to empower employees to make decisions:

CEO Magnus Sedlacek said, “…we try to involve everyone, and be transparent about it. We’re trying to work as our team works, but on an organisational level.”

Magnus goes further by saying:

“We have retrospectives on a company level. In these we go through everything that has been good, everything that hasn’t been as good, what we should keep doing, what we should stop doing, and so on.”

Sedlacek believes employees make “the right decision” and that they “…give as much trust, power, and responsibility as possible to each individual,”.

He has found that by giving them the power to make these decisions in an open and frank environment, the more involved employees become.

Empowering employees in the workplace

How to empower employees

How to empower employees at work

User Levi Johnson of Potash Corp saw the positive effects of empowering employees firsthand by using the Celpax.

With the potential of an upcoming merger, Potash Corp managers were needed to take a step back from supervising direct reports.

Employees were tasked with taking on decisions and problem solving for themselves.

Levi was unsure of how this would go:

“We weren’t sure how it would be reflected in the Celpax results and if employees would be more, or less, engaged.”

But Levi was pleasantly surprised and saw how empowered employees were happier employees!


Despite the uncertainty of a merger, Levi’s team managed to increase their mood KPI by 20%.


In part because he asked the team: what do you want to see happen?

In speaking with employees about what else would make them want to press green, Levi found one the biggest requests was to be able to work remotely.

“The ability to work remotely was highly requested so we decided to take it upon ourselves to make this happen,” says Levi.

“More employees have been working from home and we correlated the effects of this with our Celpax results to see that it made employees happier.”


Unlimited leave at Netflix

An emerging trending way companies are empowering employees to increase engagement is by providing employees with unlimited leave.

Companies like Netflix, LinkedIn and Virgin are all jumping on this idea.

Rather than having a manager approve leave, for instance, individual teams evaluate how best to organise themselves.

They plan accordingly in terms of business deadlines and deliverables.

Instead of having an individual ‘police’ time off, this policy allows for employees to work as a team to cover work.

LinkedIn says that they let employees “act like an owner” of their time.

What makes you feel empowered at work?

Or, what do you do to empower employees?

Let us know on LinkedIn!

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