Employee Retention: “We now hire for cultural fit”

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Employee Retention: Hiring for Cultural Fit

“In terms of employee retention we do a lot of hiring” says the COO at Zerorez, busy building a strong corporate culture. “This made us realize we had to put more emphasis on our values while hiring”.

“Previously we were trying to get people aligned to our core values. Now we actively LOOK for people that are aligned to our values”, says Scott Oremland.

Scott now makes sure to go through their company values when he interviews candidates.

“I tell them that the people you’ll be sitting next to share these values, so it’s gonna be easier to fit in to our work culture if you do too. This means you’ll be more likely to be happy at work and press the green button heading home at the end of the day”, the Minnesota based COO explains.

Employee Retention. Maria Martini, Assistant Call Center Manager and Alex Bialke, Commercial Route Manager at Zerorez Minnesota with their DailyPulse

Employee Retention: Head start

“At some point you have to decide if you keep people that are not aligned to your core values. Of course they’re not bad people if they don’t share our values, they will just have a harder time succeeding here”, he continues.

Scott believes there are things that companies can do:

“We can help the way people feel but you have a head start when new employees share your values from the start. Some employees we’ve kept and turned around, with others it has boiled down to it ‘just not being the right job for you’.

Are you gonna be happy working here?

Every person joining a company contributes – in their own way-  to your overall culture. How are your new employees going to add?

Our employee retention made us realize we had to put more emphasis on our values while hiring“We’re taking action to improve our employee retention”, Scott states. 

“Some employees press the red button at the end of the day because they don’t like their job or what the company does. That means we hired the wrong people! Because we have people pressing green for the same reason.”

“One person might press red because he or she has to clean the truck. Others will press red if you don’t clean it as they will be stuck with your dirty truck the next day.”

So Scott and Zerorez are now more careful with who they hire, planning for employee retention.

“We do a lot of hiring as our employee turnover is higher than we’d like but we’re changing. When we see some people during our training program that don’t seem to fit in, we simply have a conversation and ask them: do you think this is the right job for you? Are you gonna be happy?”

Zerorez backs up their decisions and interventions with hard people data. Wanna improve employee retention with our Celpax device?

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