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Data to get real-time Employee Morale KPI on your balanced scorecard

BSC Designer recently reviewed our device to measure employee morale in real-time. The article is called “Data for the real-time morale KPI on your scorecard”.

Here’s a quick recap:

“We were talking before about the difficulties associated with measuring soft skills like leadership or feelings like engagement. While engineers are working on even more sophisticated wearable devices, there is an easier way to find out how people feel. You can simply ask them!”

Measuring employees’ morale

Celpax developed a device called DailyPulse. This device is placed on the exit door and it allows employees to answer one simple question: “How was your day?”

People can choose among two buttons – red and green, respectively giving negative and positive responses.

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The device connects via GSM to the server and makes the mood statistics available for HR online. In simple words, this technology makes the installation of the device easy anywhere in the world.

Employee Mood Trend Analysis for Daily Pulse

HR specialists and other top managers can get  morale indicator data in  real time.

It is obvious that any decision made in the company will be reflected in this indicator. This device helps to get a “yes/now” answer to the question, “Did employees like the proposed changes?”

Business model

The developers of DailyPulse provide one device for free, which allows people to try it out and see if it provides useful inputs for HR.

Those who like it can update to the premium account or buy additional devices.

Employee engagement metrics real-time


The benefit of having real time information about employees’ morale and wellbeing will certainly help decision makers.

But it should be analyzed carefully and perhaps supported by regular professional surveys that would deliver more in-depth results.

I like the way Rebecca from Celpax explains the difference:

We see ourselves too different from employee satisfaction surveys to be compared, we are more in the business of simplicity and DIY (do it yourself).

A heart rate monitor might not be a medical checkup, but all athletes use one to improve. It tells you how your training went, if you’re getting fit, we kind of do the same…

Both are related to health, but not really comparable.

We are planning on an interface that will permit BSC Designer users to automatically import employee mood data from Daily Pluse into their business scorecards.

Employee Morale KPI on balanced scorecard with BSC Designer

Read the full review here.


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