A Chief Happiness Officer Gives Us Tips on How To Motivate a Team

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Tips from a Chief Happiness Officer: How to Motivate a Team

We spoke with a Chief Happiness Officer about how to motivate a team at work, using real-time happiness data to evaluate the impact of the activities carried out.  

Chief Happiness Officer Luz Maria, Neobis

Luz María Ramírez is a Chemical Civil Engineer and Chief Happiness Officer at Neobis.

Their Employee Mood KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is currently at 90% green.

It means that 9 out of 10 workers are choosing to press the green smiley instead of the red button when they leave their office at the end of the workday.

how to motivate a team at workplace

How to motivate a team at your workplace: The question on the Celpax is “How was your day?” Employees press green or red as they leave work.

“It is good to know how the whole team feels every day, to proactively improve in real time,” says Lúz María with a smile and points to her people in the office.

How To Motivate a Team at Work

Lúz Maria founded Neobis in 2005.

They specialize in Optimization, Development and Management of solutions for telecommunications and IT services for companies.

Activities and parties are frequently used as a way to motivate people on their work team.

“Depending on the time of the year, we always have reasons to celebrate as a team,” she explains.

“For example, something that has worked really well is going out dancing to simply celebrate ourselves. The event began as a way to make the team come together as one. To create a team spirit and engage the team.”

First, they picked a date – in advance – that was a good fit for the whole team:

“We rented the VIP room in a popular club. We had a free bar and lovely food. All employees were encouraged to bring their partners if they wanted to.“

“This way we could share and enjoy the fun with everyone. We chose a Friday… and danced until dawn :)


A Chief Happiness Officer gives us tips on how to motivate a team

A Chief Happiness Officer gives us tips on how to motivate a team

“This event helped us do something together outside the office, in a relaxed setting.“

“We got to know each other as people, not just colleagues. It made us freel like a team”, the Chief Happiness Officer explains.

Real-time data for Happiness at Work

Since Neobis began to measure happiness at work with the Celpax device, they have gone from a Mood KPI of 83% green, to currently being at 90% green.

Their average since they started in July 2018, is 83% green.

Their program to engage people is working!

Real time data Happiness at Work

Real time data Happiness at Work


How to motivate a team: Follow-up!

“We followed up with another session the week after the event. We sat down and let everyone share how each of us felt – if they wanted to share”, explains Lúz Maria.

The new follow-up session was a success!

“Those who are shyer or introverts had a chance to make themselves more known,” she continues, pointing to her team in the office, working away.

She is also careful to highlight that when the employees got to meet the partners of their colleagues, that helped them grow as a family.

Lúz Maria has 25 years of experience and is involved in telecommunications and IT services since 1999.

Everyone usually participates in the activities organized by the company and the Chief Happiness Officer to improve teamwork.

At Neobis they use continuous process improvement and apply their industry’s best practices.

“We have a team of highly qualified professionals with high potential that allows us to continue innovating and growing in Latin America.”

“Thanks to our events, our employees have a bigger commitment towards teamwork and fellowship,” she explains.

“During the event, we shared many anecdotes that brought us closer together. Like partners in crime!”

Team motivation

Team motivation

A Chief Happiness Officer on a Mission: A horizontal organization

Neobis define themselves as a horizontal organization.

A flat organization determined to be a happy company.

As Chief Happiness Officer, Lúz Maria defines her job mission as transferring the company values to their entire team.

“The data of the Celpax device allows us to improve every day,” she says.

So what values do they have in place in order to become a happy company? Let’s have a look:

Values of a Happy Company

  1. Stop and choose happiness. The first step is to be courageous and ask ourselves what can we do to be a happier company. Without this choice, moving forward is impossible.
  2. Mind your energy. A company’s most valued asset is the energy brought by its workers. Give it all the attention it deserves.
  3. Making things simple helps us be happier.
  4. Do what you do best. The mission of the happy company is to ensure that people are doing what they do best. In this way, they can always contribute the best of themselves and feel fulfilled.
  5. Learn every day. Continuous learning and growth, both personal and professional, is a pillar of a happy business.
  6. Love the Why of your business. A happy company must have a why, a reason to exist with which we can relate to.
  7. Learn to say no. Knowing when to say “no” is indispensable in order to say “yes” to what is truly important.
  8. Trust. An environment of trust creates a climate of happiness.
  9. Improve society. The ultimate goal of a business is improving the society where it operates.
  10. Align your values with your organization’s values. Having a coherent ethic is essential to create a happy company.
  11. The happy company is within you. It’s just that simple: the happiest company in the world… is you!
  12. Appreciating what we have as people and as a team means that what we have – increases in value. Increasing the value turns into a good investment. It’s a virtuous circle that generates small changes, improves well-being, gives us happiness and leads us to success.

team building activities for motivation in the workplace

Team building activities for motivation: Celebrating after an intense and positive week

Hope you liked Bisnode’s Chief Happiness Officer’s tips on how to motivate a team!

What works best when you organize activities to motivate your team?

Got any tips on how to motivate a team in the workplace?

Let us know on Linkedin :)


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