Celpax welcomes MTN Irancell

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Celpax welcomes MTN Irancell

With signups from 60 countries, the Celpaxers are happy to welcome MTN Irancell to the community that improve their work culture with the Celpax device.

MTN Irancell is the latest company to install a Celpax device to improve employee mood in Iran, joining other international companies like Huawei Iran.

The idea behind the mood device is to simplify how companies keep their employees more engaged:

How was your workday at MTN Irancell?

Employees press either the green or red button leaving work (letting their colleagues know how their workday went), and see the results after pressing it.

An online dashboard shows the company’s employee morale trends.

The results help leaders have a neutral, meaningful discussion around why they think their colleagues press red.

And then fix things.

The employee feedback will help MTN Irancell to identify red and green working days.

This helps the management team to recognize and deal with positive and negative factors in the company’s working environment.

Using the People Data, managers can quickly see if their efforts are working.

Improve something today, verify the effectiveness by checking the results tomorrow.

It’s a cheap way to experiment together with your employees, in order to create a positive workplace.

The methodology is to Measure, Talk, Improve…and repeat.

The Celpaxers wish all employees at Irancell the best of luck with improving your working environment!

Irancell employee giving real time feedback

Irancell improves their employee culture with the Celpax device

Are you trying to improve your company’s working environment? 

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