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Where should I hang my Celpax device?

To get an optimal feedback loop it’s CRUCIAL to hang your device(s) so it’s visible when employees leave work. (Have more doors than devices? Click here.)

The MOST important is to decide where to hang your device.

1. All employees pass by the exit door

To get out from work, everyone leaves through the exit door. Place the device so your colleagues face it leaving work (not entering).

Where to hang your device to measure employee engagement

 Medir el ambiente de trabajo en Nissan

2. Where do people stop naturally before leaving?

It’s “impossible” to miss the device if you place it near your time clock, the door opener switch, etc. People stop here naturally.

3. Not too high, not too low

Use the double sided tape to stick it up at the same height as door knobs & light switches for comfort.

Colleagues feel more anonymous when they can hide the device with their body as they press.

Not everyone might feel comfortable with others possibly seeing which button they pressed.

Avoid this when installing your Daily Pulse device at the workplace

Also, avoid hanging it on the actual door. Hang it on the wall.

Uh, is it really so important where I place the Celpax?

Oh yes. One company tripled the number of pulses when changing the location of the device closer to the exit door. In another company it turned out that 55% of the employees left work through a door where they originally weren’t going to put any Celpax, thinking people just weren’t using that exit.

Where should I place the transmitter?

Transmitter: Hang it where you have high mobile coverage, or near a window. Hang it vertically and high up

  • Near the Celpax as they need to reach each other.
  • Outside the range is up to 1200 feet (400 m), inside it could be the same, or as little as a few meters if you have metal doors, walls in-between etc.  
  • Hang it out of the way so no one unplugs it by mistake
  • High up is better! And vertical.
  • A good spot is where you have high mobile coverage, or near a window.


Check list:

  1. Is it super-visible when colleagues leave the office?
  2. It is at the right height?
  3. Do you have devices at all your exit points?

Once you’ve found the best possible location, anyone can install in 3-10 minutes.

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