5 Random Acts of Happy Ideas for ways to improve employee morale

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Ways to improve employee morale – and measure the impact

It’s the little things that make your day, isn’t it?

When it comes to ways to improve employee morale, it isn’t any different.

It’s surprising how a simple idea can be a boost to employee morale. A random act of happy, if you will!

These easy ideas to improve employee morale are a major benefit not only in the moment, but over time they can work continuously to improve employee morale.

Random acts are easy to take action on, don’t require months of planning or execution but can help you reap the benefits of employee engagement and morale short and long term.


Here are five random acts of happy that you can put in place today:

1.) Surprise outing:

Take a hour or two at the day of the day to take out employees (away from the workplace). Perhaps for a pint at the local pub?

A scheduled outing is great (and definitely works for some workplaces) but for a random act of happy, there’s something about the spontaneity of a surprise outing that helps put everyone in a good mood.

One Celpax user saw an increase in green button pulses the day they took the staff out for a surprise pint. Seeing this, they planned another outing but didn’t see the same results.

They concluded that it was important to keep the spontaneity of the event. It was something unusual and special and helped to shake things up when it got stale.

Improving employee morale dept meeting

2.) Say thank you:

We recently wrote about the power of a simple ‘thank you’ but it’s also a great example of a random act of happy.

‘Thank yous’ can be done in person, one on one or in an all hands meeting but they could also be done via email.

It lets employees know that you appreciate their work. It also lets them know that you are checking in with their Celpax feedback and encourages them to keep it up.

3.) Replace the water cooler with a beer fridge:

It’s difficult in large companies for departments to get to know each other.

One way around this is to replace the water cooler with beer (of course alcohol free when suitable) and gather the entire company for a happy hour. It’s a low pressure environment, casual and informal.

Interaction between departments means teamwork improves, therefore making happier employees.

When the marketing team needs help from operations, it’s more efficient and productive.

4.) A random little something:

It’s quite common for workplaces to gift employees with a little something during the holidays. Aside from the holidays though, a random little something can help brighten someone’s day and it doesn’t have to anything major or expensive.

One Celpax user made his team sandwiches before they started their day as a random treat!

These random acts over time, tells your team that you care about their happiness and want to take actions to help improve employee morale.

If you want to see how this affects your daily results, be sure to bring it back to the Celpax.

For example, let your team know, “if you like this or if you’d like to see more of this, be sure to let me know with the Celpax on your way out!”.

improve employee morale

5.) Have a conversation:

We can all agree that a pint or a sandwich at work are both pretty awesome.

However, a conversation where a manager listens and takes into account their feedback can be a powerful improver for employee morale. There’s a few different ways a conversation can happen.

It can be one on one meeting or a small group of employees (like a focus group). It could even be a casual chat and check in.

Keep in mind that this should be a random act of happy though so don’t put too much planning into it. Keep it stress-free for an employee.


Improving employee morale ideas, have a meeting

Encourage employees to give honest feedback and on your end, tell them what you’re working on to help solve these issues. Can’t solve the problem just know? Explain the why as honestly as you can.

Not only does it reinforce transparency but it sends the message that the Celpax should be part of their daily work habits as you use it to make informed decisions.

Have a random act of happy example to share?

Have you tried a way to improve employee morale great, green results?

Share them with us in the forum, on Facebook or send us a tweet!



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