3 Steps to Relaunch Your Celpax and Increase Employee Engagement

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Increase Employee Engagement

To increase employee engagement, you need to apply continuous improvement in the workplace.

We’ve talked before about how just because employees are pressing the green smiley button, and you’re seeing positive mood results, it doesn’t mean your work is done forever!

With major changes, it’s easy for employee engagement efforts to fall off the radar

Workplaces are constantly changing because, after all, employees are humans and not robots!

Like DEK Tech’s Agile HR Director put it:

“If you’re going through a tough time at home, it will have an effect on your job too. The working environment is part of something bigger. How can we best help or support you when your spirit is low? Everything affects each other.”

Not all changes are for the worse but as many of our users have seen, changes in the workplace, big or small can be unsettling for everyone.

Which means it’s easy to let employee engagement fall to the wayside.

User Aaron Hall, an owner of JUX Law Firm in Minneapolis saw how changes in his workplace were affecting employee mood firsthand.

“We have had a lot of changes over the past few years. We decided to identify our core values, one of which is teammate satisfaction. Some of our employees disagreed with the changes and thus decided to leave,” Aaron explains.



employee engagement

User Aaron from JUX Law



Aaron admits that with the changes, they stopped talking about their Celpax and the importance of employee happiness. When they stopped talking, they saw their participation go down. The firm is seeing more stability with a lot of new employees.

However, these employees have never been introduced to the Celpax.

“With all the changes and issues we’ve been working through, efforts to improve employee mood just got moved to the back burner,” explains Aaron.

This is a common sentiment that we hear.

Participation goes down because of uncertainty in the workplace, efforts to increase employee engagement are pushed far down the to-do list and no one wants to talk about the results.

As an employee, if no one is talking about the Celpax or the results, would you assume that they’re even listening or checking in? Probably not.

You might stop pressing the buttons all together because of this.

It’s a cycle of disengagement!

Don’t worry though- It’s never too late to get back on track. Like we mentioned, this is a common occurrence. It doesn’t have to be complicated to relaunch, you just need to put in a little work.


Here’s how to get back to basics and relaunch:

Checking celpax results

Checking celpax results

Maybe you haven’t been into your dashboard for a while? That’s ok!

Just like flossing, it’s something you’ve got to jump into, start doing and keep doing to make it a habit.

While opening your weekly results email is a good start, by going into your dashboard you’ll get access to more detailed data.

Have you checked out what the trend is for the month?

By viewing your mood KPI results over a period of time you might be able to catch something brewing.

Meeting at work sharing results

Relaunch and Share Your Results

In Aaron’s case, it’s integral to relaunch in order to let the newest employees know about the device.

One of the easiest ways to relaunch is to simply announce the device and why you’ve installed Celpax.

This could be done in a few different ways that best suit your workplace however users have told us the most effective way to increase employee engagement is to speak in person with employees.

When launching, user Finax put up posters on the walls of the break room so that everyone would understand what it was they were hoping to achieve. Here’s what they had to say:

“I learnt Change Management at IKEA and thus know how important it is to create awareness within the company in order to get everyone on board.“

“ Employees thought that it seemed fun and exciting right from the start, however, they were also concerned about how the data would be used. By making the results publicly available we have taken away any doubts they may have had.”

Did you know that we have templates to help you launch and communicate?

Check them out here.

Talking at work employee engagement

Keep Sharing and Asking Questions

Did you know that you’re able to add employees to your team’s dashboard so they have access to the results?

You might find, as some of our other users have, that giving employees access can help provide a sense of ownership.

Allowing access could help to increase transparency and therefore, employee engagement.

Once you’ve shared initially, it’s important to continue sharing. And talking.

User Steve Brennan told us how his workplace sees the importance of conversations, “Having the [Celpax] stimulates conversations; it’s a good way to open up these topics“, says Steve.

“The mood graph is fantastic but you need to talk about what’s behind the numbers. We learnt that there’s a difference between people in what they enjoy or regard as success in a working day.”

Finding out what people are enjoying (or not enjoying) in their workday and what would make it better doesn’t have to be difficult.


Mix it up!

User Levi Johnson pointed out that after a successful launch with the Celpax device, communication needed to change from “Hey, this is the Celpax and this is how it works” to “What can we do to improve and what do you want to see happen?”

When talking about the Celpax, letting employees know clearly that

A. you’re listening and

B. what actions you are taking based on their feedback

One HR director says;

“I remind my colleagues that we are doing this so you know how you’re doing, and that if you don’t participate we can’t do anything about the negative parts. This is your chance to change something we are doing wrong. Sometimes people forget why they should press. I remind them that we’re listening, that this system is for THEM”.

It’s never too late to start making a change!

Still need a little help?

Why not inquire about our MoodUp sessions?


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