What can you do to be happier at work?

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“How can I be happier at work?”

How can I be happier at work?

I know that I’ve asked myself that question before!

Stress, overworking even a disagreement with a co-worker can all lead to you feeling unhappy at work.

When pressing either red or green at the end of the work day, you make a decision and reflect on the day’s events.

This can help you pinpoint those events that led to your decision and helps you think about what would make your day better.


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The importance of being happy at work

A great workplace is everybody’s job.

While you’ll probably bring some feedback to your manager, there will probably be lots of things you can change yourself to make yourself a bit happier at work.

For instance, if it makes you unhappy when you feel unproductive, consider what you can do or change yourself.

What do you have the power to change?

Perhaps it’s as simple as grabbing a pair of noise reducing earphones or maybe you need to rethink how you organize your day and prioritize tasks.

These are issues you can change in your own environment and they can help you be happier at work.

There will most likely also be issues that boil down to structural patterns in your company, lack of leadership, etc.

One of our users told us that they use the Celpax at the end of the day, choosing what button they press, based on their feelings. Not necessarily specific to work, but about how they feel overall.

Are they happy at work or unhappy?

What emotions do you carry with you as you leave work? Or when you enter your workplace in the morning?

They also told us that the Celpax device helps them focus on the positive in the workplace and what’s in their power to change.

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Here are a few more points and suggestions that you can put into place to be happy at work:


how can i be happy at work

How do you stay happy at work?

What do you do to get happier at work?

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