Hello Turkey! Let’s create more awesome workplaces together

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Let’s create more awesome Turkish workplaces together!


How is the Turkish company morale?



How was your day?

Employee pulse check TurkeyThat’s the question in Turkish above, to be answered by the employees at Turknet, the 4th largest telecommunications company in Turkey, as they head home after their workdays.

Then the fun begins!

What changes can you make to change people’s attitudes and perceptions, so they press the green button instead of the red?

What is that makes your employees press green?

And how would your colleagues fix stuff that makes coworkers press red?

(Hint! The solution is often found discussing with your team, not your upper management hehe.)


The World Happiness Report

Us Celpaxers are cheering a bit extra today as it’s our first Celpax in Turkish.

We’re a social company, dedicated to getting more people to wake up and feel GOOD about going to work.

We have signups from +60 countries. Every week we ship our free devices to places like Germany, India, Guatemala, US… all over our globe.

The World Happiness Report is a survey of the state of global happiness, published by the United Nations.

Turkey currently ranks 69th. We love seeing initiatives to bring positive change:


Let’s create more awesome Turkish workplaces together!

Join Turknet in creating excitement at work, in looking after the emotional side of your workplace, not just the “hard” numbers.

The idea is based on simplicity so you can start making small, steady changes.

How are your people doing lately? Are they happy or not? Miserable? You can always do better, things aren’t static.

So we really like simplicity.

Our recipe to create a better company culture is to Measure. Talk. Improve. Repeat!

Some user then cross-check with other company KPI’s like productivity, sales and customer service levels. Then team managers back and talk with their teams about how they think that things can improve.



Measure if your leadership actions are working!

Get a survey kiosk.


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

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Workplace improvement


Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebeccaco-owner at Celpax. We believe in creating a better society by empowering employees and leaders to create a better workplace, together. We use simple tools to help them get there. I might appear in our chat, or say aloha on twitter? 
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